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Thank you for taking the time to stop by and  check out the site.. The purpose of this website is to provide a place for talent to be showcased, creative souls to  connect and promote as well as a resource guide  for various genres of creative arts.

Being in the entertainment  field  Myself as a model, writer and video personality I’ve learned how important it is to  have viable  platforms to expose your talents to the world. I’ve long had an  urge to try My  hand and creating such a platform to promote so many of the  talented, models, artists, photographers, writers, singers, poets etc. I run into all across the net.

Please use the menu bar at the top or the left hand sidebar to explore the site.

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Sexy Sapphire

  • Brian

    Can’t wait to see how this sites grows. I know anything with the Sapphire brand will be excellent

    • spotlightontalent

      Thank you for Confidence in Me.

  • Brian

    I’m so proud, happy and excited for you. I knew my faith and confidence in you would bear fruit. I’m waiting anxiously for your next project.

  • chip butta

    Way to go girl. Best of luck on your new site it’s looking good. I’m sure any site with your name is a winner.

    • spotlightontalent

      aw thank you so much. I really appreciate that

  • Keep up the good work girl your doing the damn thing.

  • Holy cosicne data batman. Lol!

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