I’ve Partnered With An International Magazine To Give You Even More Exposure

tearsheet - My interview with brandee baboski for london leblanc
tearsheet – My interview with brandee baboski for london leblanc

So I’m working hard to  continue to  build this site. We just celebrated our one year anniversary and while it’s not quite where I want it to be it’s getting there. I’m happy to announce  that I’ve partnered with an international magazine, London LeBlanc Magazine to offer you even more exposure.

kareem ali and ambush tear sheet
kareem ali and ambush tear sheet

I am steadily looking for people to interview for this site  but now once a month I can also highlight 2 individuals or groups in an international print and digital magazine. The first issue with My writing and interviews in it came out yesterday.  Check it out https://www.joomag.com/magazine/london-leblanc-magazine-volume-12/0313334001450038793

London LeBlanc Magazine Volume 12
London LeBlanc Magazine Volume 12

I interviewed a plus sized model/designer from Ohio and a Emcee/Producer group from Baltimore. They came out  great. If you’re interested in being featured here on the site or possibly in the magazine feel free to email Me at sapphirespotlightontalent@gmail.com or sapphirethesexyone@gmail.com

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Spotlight On Talent: Sicxfive


1.) Tell us Sicxfive, how did you start rapping and how long have you been perfecting your craft?

I started rapping from a base of poetry. I was always good with words and wordplay and loved the power of word usage.
In High School I was more the ghost writer and didn’t want the spot light. As I embraced my gifts I then started to enter open Mics and contest and freestyle on military bases. Once I got the good response that I received it just motivated me to go further.

2.) Who were/are your biggest musical influences?

My biggest influence musically were Biggie, Tupac, JayZ,  Wu Tang, Outkast,  NWA,  Michael Jackson,  Ray Charles,  Stevie Wonder.
Currently I check for some new acts like Kendrick Lamar,  J Cole,  Rick Ross,  Jeezy,  Weezy,  2Chainz,  A$ap, etc…

Rapper/Poet Sicxfive
Rapper/Poet Sicxfive

3.) You were what we call and “army brat” growing up. Did your fathers military career encourage you to enlist yourself?

Coming from where I came from, inner city Philadelphia, I didn’t see many options coming out of school. I didn’t understand how I could afford to go to college coming from a poverty stricken household. I knew my parents couldn’t afford it and they never took the time to explain how I could go to college. So I looked at the military as my escape and chance to not fit the statistics.

4.) What is it like as an artist to be stationed so far overseas where your passion of making music can not be easily fulfilled?

It’s painful….I really love the creative experience of writing and getting in the booth. I enjoy finding the right feel and voice to fit the track. I enjoy music..the good and the bad.

5.) What do you think of the state of mainstream hip hop and rap today?

I think the current state of hip hop is on a downturn. It’s not lyrically appealing to me on the whole. Yes there are some who are outstanding but the majority are not groundbreaking and won’t be around 2 years from now.  And for the record I like some non-lyrical rap also.

Sicxfive on The Mic
Sicxfive on The Mic

6.) You rap with a level of consciousness not displayed by many artist today. Do you think not rapping about the stereotypical street life will help boost or deter your mainstream appeal?

I just try to rap about my reality. I am from the streets, the hood, the ghetto. I was raised around drug dealers, drug users,  robbers, gangs and gangsters, pimps. The whole gambit. But I don’t lie about my stats. I totally fine being who and what I am and letting the fans know that there is more to the hood and streets than pure ignorance.
It may hurt my sales and it may be a tougher road but it’s my truth.

7.) I see you write poetry as well. Do you ever plan to release a poetry project?

I actually had someone contact me about doing it and I was surprised by it. I mean I am open to sharing my personal thoughts and ideas and verses but it will have t be in the right way. But in the near future I may release a concept I have that I think would really move the needle.

Rapper Sicxfive
Rapper Sicxfive

8.) What advice would you give to someone trying to get started in the music industry?

Believe in you.
Be ready to work.
Trust in your mental ear.
Listen to ya engineers and producers.
Get rid of all yes men around you.

9.) Any upcoming projects or events we should look out for?

Currently looking to release 3-4 new singles in lead up to my project in 2016.

10.) Where can people find more of you?


You can reach me on social media under

@sicxfive – Instagram, Tumblr, Vine
@sicx_five – Twitter

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