Casting: Single Men In L.A. Wanted For Docu-series/Dating Show

A well-known Cable TV Network is seeking  single men who live in the Los Angeles area for a documentary/social experiment style  show.

Needed: Single Men looking for love who appear between the  ages of 20-30 years old. Must be attractive open and outgoing and open to being paired with a woman for dating.

Compensation: Paid shoot, Non-Union.

Dates Needed: December 5-22, 2016

TO APPLY:  Please submit to: by 2016-12-05

single men casting



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Social Media Limits Who Sees Your Posts. You Must Have Your Own Website To Maintain Your Fan base These Days.

I, like everyone else, love the ease of connecting with people via social media but there are  so many benefits of having your own website


While the perk of social media is that the number of people on the site is so vast that you can market yourself to an extensive number of people at once the downfall is that it’s at the mercy of the site. Sites like Facebook and Instagram have rules that limit your behavior and interaction with prospective and longtime fans. Additionally, these sites have become ad based and perfected their algorithms to limit who actually sees what you post. A fan page with close to 5,000 fans may see their posts actually reach only a few hundred people. While you may feel like the enormous number of people on social media sites is the key to gaining a large following, you’re wrong. The key to taking advantage of the multitude of people on social media is to pull them away to your own site.


In the online business world, the most valuable thing is your email list. The quickest way to build that list is by having a site of your own. Have your fans subscribe to your site, capture their email address and constantly keep connected to them. Not only can you send them updates on you and your projects but you can also market to them directly even when they aren’t on your site.


Some of the most popular social media accounts have faced suspension and even had their accounts deleted for posting something that went against the stringent rules of a social site. How many of us have worked hard building up our numbers on social media and then lost access to our fans and followers for up to 30 days? With your own website you make the rules, you decide what’s appropriate to post where. No more frustration.


Besides, why have your fans bouncing from one social media site to another when even with the most basic of websites, you can integrate them all in. Having your social media posts available on your website give fans a chance to keep us with what they’ve missed, but also keeps them on your website longer.


Stop allowing social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to limit your interaction with people. Even worse, stop letting social media sites limit your ability to make money off your fan base.  There are free platforms like Tumblr and Wix you can use to make a free website. If you should choose to use a platform like Tumblr or Wix then please, spring for the $2-$5 a year it will cost to buy a personal domain name and attach it to your site. It will look a lot more professional.


Don’t have the time or patience to build your own site? Let us do it for you. Web design services are available through this website at

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10% Off Small Business Saturday – Cyber Monday

What good is a project, service or promotion if no one  knows about it? It  is hard getting attention when you’re  new to an industry. Sapphire specializes in helping  newcomers to the entertainment industry gain new followers and fans.

What better  time to  take  the  opportunity to try something new than during a big sale. This weekend only take 10% off all social media marketing packages, web design offers and interviews.  Orders must be  placed by 8 p.m. Monday, November 28, 2016.

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