Are You Blocking Your Blessings and Potential Business with Private Social Media Profiles.

I spend a lot of time on social media, Instagram and Facebook in particular, as I scour the net for the next hottest up and coming talent and entrepreneurs to add to My roster of interviews. One of the things that drives crazy is when someone says, “check me out on Instagram” and I head to their account and it’s private.

I’m immediately shocked and turned off. No matter how talented they are, I’m not interested in working with nor featuring them.

Why? This is “social” media and the social is a huge aspect of it that many don’t seem to understand.

When you put your professional page on friends only, that blocks not only people like Me who want to work with and feature you, but it also blocks out sponsorship opportunities and limits the growth of your followers.

Let’s be real here, if you’re an unknown or up and coming artist, entertainer or entrepreneur, what is the incentive for people to be intrigued enough about the mystery behind your locked page? Instagram is about content, plain and simple. People want to follow you for your art, your talent or business acumen. Having a private page ensures that a large number of people who happen to land on your page, will leave.

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I see similar situations on Facebook and it hurts me to my entrepreneurial heart. Sometimes, when I am not in rush, I stop and leave a comment telling my Facebook friends to “take this off of post so that it can be shared.” However, more commonly than not, I see great posts up and down my timeline all day and quite often, I want to share and can’t. On Facebook, you can avoid the trouble of having a private personal page by having a business or fan page.

Am I telling you that you can’t have a private social media page? Not at all. Can you only have a private page as an entertainer, artist or burgeoning entrepreneur? Not at all. You are free to create a personal page where you post the things you want to limit public access to. Instagram actually allows an encourages you to have multiple profiles, take advantage to maintain your privacy. Facebook prohibits multiple personal profiles but allows multiple fan pages.

A public page says open for business to the world, a private page says hobbyist who is seeking attention from their friends.

For example, take a look at my Facebook page. At one point, I like many, had 5,000 friends on Facebook. I found that it left me frustrated, seeing so many things I had no interest in from my friends just because people were interested in my talent and skill. I deleted those friends when Facebook started to allow followers. I now have over 34,000 Facebook followers and everything I post is open to the public. If I want to limit something to My small list of friends, I can mark them “friends only” at any time.

One of the greatest disadvantages of not making your Instagram page open to the public is that your posts are not eligible to be picked up by Instagram’s Explore page. The Explore page gives users across the platform to check out some of the hottest, freshest and most liked content on the Instagram.

Do you have a private Instagram page and find yourself wondering why your network isn’t growing as fast as you know your talent should allow? Hope this helps. Get that page off of a private setting and let your talents shine.

TIPs and Tricks: Don’t forget, when you hit the share to Facebook button on Instagram your post will go to your Facebook page and post as private as the set default. If you want your Instagram posts to be viewable on Facebook to more than your friend list, after posting, go to your Facebook page and change the settings on the post as public. Once it’s made public, it can show up in searches and be shared by your friends.

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Memorial Day Weekend Power Promo Package Sale

Memorial day sale

It’s Memorial Day weekend, the official  start of summer and I wanted to  do something special for all My up and coming and indie stars.

This weekend only I’m taking $100 off our Power Promo Package advertised in the services area here on the site. Normally this package is $500, but this Today – May 29th only, you can take advantage of this offer for only $400.

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Opportunity for Writers: Essays Wanted


Essays of reflection on love, life, parenthood, transition, death etc. I am looking for essays that a reader will be able to see your growth from where you were in mindset when the essay started versus where it was when it culminates.

Word length 2,500 to 4,000 (exceptionally good essays of up to 5,000 words will be considered)

Fee $50 add your essay and contact information plus ONE copy of Reflections. $125 add advertisement for your own book or project plus 5 copies of Reflections.

“Reflections: Getting to the Heart of Me” will be available on Amazon, CreateSpace and at Barnes and Nobles June 15, 2017.

Essays due no later than June 20, 2017

Submit your essay to for consideration

I recently published a book of poems titled “Writing for My Sanity” because honestly, writing has saved my life many times. I’ve kept a journal my whole life, in fact I still have one of my journals left from high school.

As I’ve aged, not only have I continued to journal but I started blogging as well.  Through my blogging, I started to notice my writing develop. Eventually, I found that I had become an essayist without even noticing.

No longer was I just pouring out my heart, my feelings and emotions but I was growing through the insight I was getting from my writing. I was able to share my own personal experiences yet have a message that was generally universal.

As I’ve written and shared my life with strangers across the world for the last 10 years, I’ve connected with so many on a personal level. As a person who has dealt with feeling alone and isolated, it’s been encouraging and therapeutic to connect with others who can relate to how I feel.

It feels even better when someone tells me they gained clarity, insight, or peace in their own situations from me sharing my own.

I’ve compiled a series of essays that I can see the growth in myself through such as a letter to my dead mother, pieces on self-esteem, love, motherhood and more. The essays will be put together in a book titled “Reflections: Getting to the Heart of Me”.

With the second book I published, Writing for My Sanity, I allowed two other talented writers to share their poems with my readers inside the book. I am doing the same with “Reflections”, I am opening space up for other writers to share their essays as well. I encourage you to  use this opportunity to invest in yourself and increase your reader base.  I look forward to reading your submissions.




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