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Are You Blocking Your Blessings and Potential Business with Private Social Media Profiles.

I spend a lot of time on social media, Instagram and Facebook in particular, as I scour the net for the next hottest up and coming talent and entrepreneurs to add to My roster of interviews. One of the things that drives crazy is when someone says, “check me out on Instagram” and I head to their account and it’s private.

I’m immediately shocked and turned off. No matter how talented they are, I’m not interested in working with nor featuring them.

Why? This is “social” media and the social is a huge aspect of it that many don’t seem to understand.

When you put your professional page on friends only, that blocks not only people like Me who want to work with and feature you, but it also blocks out sponsorship opportunities and limits the growth of your followers.

Let’s be real here, if you’re an unknown or up and coming artist, entertainer or entrepreneur, what is the incentive for people to be intrigued enough about the mystery behind your locked page? Instagram is about content, plain and simple. People want to follow you for your art, your talent or business acumen. Having a private page ensures that a large number of people who happen to land on your page, will leave.

priavte accounts

I see similar situations on Facebook and it hurts me to my entrepreneurial heart. Sometimes, when I am not in rush, I stop and leave a comment telling my Facebook friends to “take this off of post so that it can be shared.” However, more commonly than not, I see great posts up and down my timeline all day and quite often, I want to share and can’t. On Facebook, you can avoid the trouble of having a private personal page by having a business or fan page.

Am I telling you that you can’t have a private social media page? Not at all. Can you only have a private page as an entertainer, artist or burgeoning entrepreneur? Not at all. You are free to create a personal page where you post the things you want to limit public access to. Instagram actually allows an encourages you to have multiple profiles, take advantage to maintain your privacy. Facebook prohibits multiple personal profiles but allows multiple fan pages.

A public page says open for business to the world, a private page says hobbyist who is seeking attention from their friends.

For example, take a look at my Facebook page. At one point, I like many, had 5,000 friends on Facebook. I found that it left me frustrated, seeing so many things I had no interest in from my friends just because people were interested in my talent and skill. I deleted those friends when Facebook started to allow followers. I now have over 34,000 Facebook followers and everything I post is open to the public. If I want to limit something to My small list of friends, I can mark them “friends only” at any time.

One of the greatest disadvantages of not making your Instagram page open to the public is that your posts are not eligible to be picked up by Instagram’s Explore page. The Explore page gives users across the platform to check out some of the hottest, freshest and most liked content on the Instagram.

Do you have a private Instagram page and find yourself wondering why your network isn’t growing as fast as you know your talent should allow? Hope this helps. Get that page off of a private setting and let your talents shine.

TIPs and Tricks: Don’t forget, when you hit the share to Facebook button on Instagram your post will go to your Facebook page and post as private as the set default. If you want your Instagram posts to be viewable on Facebook to more than your friend list, after posting, go to your Facebook page and change the settings on the post as public. Once it’s made public, it can show up in searches and be shared by your friends.

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Video Blog: Deceptive Marketing Sucks

In a world  of  social media and  digital technology it can be a little  hard to know who’s real and who’s blowing  smoke up your ass. Especially when it comes to  business “opportunities.” I constantly meet  entrepreneurs like Myself and  engage in conversation. One approached Me this morning and   was telling Me about an awareness campaign for women, he was trying to sell Me  pads. Not cool.

There are  people like Me, who refuse to  chase easy money by deceiving people with products I know nothing about. People who offer a quality service at a reasonable  price with no hidden agendas or fees and still deal with nonsense. With Sexy Sapphire what you see is always what you get, direct answers are easily available and most information  you need  will already be made clear on My sites. No need to deceive, or reel you in.

When you know your target market there is less chance of you being  the pushy sales person in  every conversation you have. You’ll be able to  identify and qualify a customer  up front.


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6 Steps To Help You Break Into The Voice Over Acting Business.

I recently talked to a young man who was interested in doing voice over work for cartoons and movies. He was totally down on himself, assuming that because he came from poverty and had only completed high school that he had no chance of achieving his dreams at all. I reminded him of Kevin Clash, who provided the voice for Sesame Street’s Elmo. Back then there was no internet, Clash created his first puppet from the lining of his father’s coat and continued to pursue his passion when and how he could. Clash met his mentor, Stu Kerr and later went on to work on the captain Kangaroo show before being added to the Sesame Street cast in 1984.

The internet has made so many aspects of life easier, from shopping to paying our bills and getting high quality entertainment. Another thing it has done is give opportunities to people who would have otherwise never had them. YouTube and Vine are full of aspiring stars and talent who would never been noticed if not for the widespread popularity of the internet.

Had it not been for YouTube, Usher would have never been able to discover Justin Beiber. I’m not saying that posting a video of yourself performing any kind of talent will gain you instant fame but I can promise it is a big part of getting access to opportunities that used to be beyond your grasp.

Just like any other talent, you must work hard at yours, this is where the internet helps you most. If you want to break into voice over acting work I’d suggest the following things.

Whip Out Your Video Camera and Start Practicing.

Invest in a decent quality camera. Whether you want to keep your practice videos private or share them with the world, the easiest way to measure your growth is visually. Start practicing your different voices on camera. Create a few original characters, with voices and a background so that people can see that not only can you imitate known voices and characters, but create your own. Creating your own characters gives you an edge, it says you’re serious about your craft and that you’re innovative.  BONUS: If you post enough videos, get good enough or gain enough popularity you can monetize your YouTube page and make money off the ad revenue you generate. Get paid to practice your work before you ever even get a paying gig.

Start a Blog Chronicling Your Progress

Do you think you need to be an expert in something to start a blog? You really don’t, in fact, there are so many people who would love to follow your journey and enjoy your talents. Whether you fail or succeed at whatever your daily or weekly goals are there are people who will embrace you. We live in a world where people love a good story. If you’re a voice over artist it would be a great idea and benefit for you to have a multimedia blog site to share your story, journey and craft with the world. BONUS: Your blog will also give you the opportunity to make money.  Sign up for Google Adwords and as your blog gains popularity, you can gain funds.

Take Classes

Your voice is an instrument, like a piano or guitar and like an instrument, it must be fine-tuned. Sign up for a local acting class and get yourself a voice Coash. I know you’re not a singer but a voice coach can teach you to train your voice which is the key to perfecting the characters you create.

Hit Up Open Mic Night at Your Local Comedy Club

What better way to hone your talent and see how good people think you are then to practice in front of a live audience? Check out your local comedy club and talent showcases and sign up. What’s the worst that can happen? You know the best thing that can happen? They love you, someone offers you another opportunity, or you actually get discovered. Weirder things have happened.

Get Your Butt To a Professional

Every actor, even voice over actors need what’s called a reel when applying for gigs. Do some research and find someone in your area who can help you put together an audiovisual reel. Make sure you perform only your best characters, look presentable and if you have props use them. Try to remember to embody the character you portray and don’t be afraid to be animated. The other professional you need, an agent. To make it in the entertainment industry it’s imperative that you get an agent. An agent often has insider knowledge to auditions and roles that you won’t find on many casting sites.

Get Social

Get active on various social media platforms. Create your profile, upload your videos and photos and get to networking. Join some groups and meet others people in the entertainment industry. Take part in local networking events and become a part of your local arts community. There will be others in your network that can often give you tips about upcoming roles too.

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Facebook Wants Your Advertising Money. It’s So Much More Than A Place To Chat With Friends.

DO YOU SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS PHOTO??? Of course not,it is 100% within Facebook standards for a models photo.

Facebook asked Me to remove this pic
Facebook asked Me to remove this pic

However I woke up to a notification from Facebook , threatening to remove this photo as My profile picture for My Bmore’s Hidden Jewel fan page. As a part time model who  regularly promotes other models I  found this  to be a real problem. There is  absolutely nothing indecent about this photo and if a model had sent it to me as a part of her submission, I would have gladly posted it.

facebook harrassment

I voluntarily removed the photo  because IT’S THEIR SITE and who needs the drama but take this 100% innocent picture and remember what I keep trying to tell you about having your  own website. FACEBOOK IS NOT A FRIEND TO THE AVERAGE HUSTLER TRYING TO COME UP. FACEBOOK IS NOT A PLATFORM TO JUST ADVERTISE YOUR STUFF AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS. IT IS A BUSINESS.

The only thing I can see that Facebook would  want me to remove the picture for, is the blatant  advertisement. The photos not only lists My website but a variety of social media sites you can find Me on.  The more it is  shared, the more free advertisement I am getting.

FACEBOOK makes too much money selling advertising on your timeline, selling your data to companies to let them know how to better market to you and draining the little man, like Me, to pay for advertising on the site. I’ve spent money on Facebook ads but I’m not going to break Myself throwing money to build a better following on THEIR site. I am always trying to pull people onto My own site because I understand how Facebook works.

Think you have a lot of followers and they can’t stop you? My personal Facebook  page has over 30,000 followers and at any time Facebook can place Me on a 1-30 day ban blocking My access to even inbox My fan base. Getting the Facebook followers to convert to real followers is the key. That is why having your own website is number one in the solo entrepreneur business. Even if you have nothing but a landing page with a subscription box it’s better than thinking you will always have access to the fan base you’ve built on Facebook or any social networking site.

Do not cheat yourself of the opportunity to build your fan base outside of social media, where no one can block your access to them. Having your own website is easier than you think. Though I warn against it, WIX is a free platform for hosting your website until you can afford to pay to have one built or build it yourself.If you don’t mind getting a little stressed but are good at crossword puzzles you may even want to build your own. NOT com is where you would sign up to create your own website and hand craft it yourself. A third option, which many take, is to hire someone to build you a website. I do web design for small businesses by the way. I built and run My own websites and have for the last 10 years. If you’d like me to build you a website like this, feel free to contact me at

This threat to change My picture before they did, that’s small potatoes in My constant battle with Facebook. I immediately changed it and My cover photos, although it as well, was far from outside of Facebook standards. My motto is why rock the boat when I can easily post whatever I want on My own platofrm. While Facebook is not My only avenue of promotion, it is an important one. People spend more time on Facebook than any other social media site I know. I want to be able to promote there, even if the rules keep changing. Facebook rules are just guidelines I must stay within, knowing I have My own website to post whatever I want makes life a little easier.

Do you run a business on Facebook?
Have you paid for promotion via the social media site?
Has Facebook ever put you on ban,limiting your access to your fan base? How did you handle it?

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Writing A Bio That Will Get You Noticed – 5 Tips To Writing The Best Bio

Write the Perfect Bio
Write the Perfect Bio

When submitting your information to websites and talent agencies it’s imperative that  you introduce yourself in an  eye catching way. Along with promo photos and/or package most  companies will ask  you to submit a  bio. Your  bio is what   tells  people  who you are and what you  have accomplished in your  field of expertise.

Your  bio will more than likely be  compared to that of many  others  as whoever goes through the  auditing process weeds out the best of the best. If you bio is  boring or less than full, it  may end up in the reject pile. Showcase yourself in the best way possible.

The  first  thing to remember is to IDENTIFY YOUR  TARGET AUDIENCE. If you are submitting  to be a model in a magazine your bio should  include any training you’ve had as a model, any  major opportunities you had a chance to  be a part of, any  videos, publications or fashion shows you have been a part of and your hobbies and  interests. It is better your bio is a little wordy than sparse.

Another  key  point is  to  WRITE IN THIRD PERSON. Your  bio should read  as if someone else wrote it, even if you carefully  thought out every word yourself. Introduce yourself as someone  else  would. Your bio should start with your name at the beginning of the first sentence followed  by  what  you are  known  for. IE: Sexy Sapphire is a former model and  writer from Baltimore.

Have you  been a part of  any major productions, a band, a modeling group anything where  you  performed or received accolades? This is where  you LIST YOUR  NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Showcase   those skills and let people know you’re more than a title, you’re action.

SHOW YOUR HUMAN SIDE. Its important that balance is  a part of our lives AND our bio. People need to see that you’re not all work but have a little fun  in your life too. Share a few hobbies and interest or charities that  you are a member  of.

DON’T  LEAVE THEM  WANTING  MORE. This  is  not  a time to  just  tell people  how  awesome you are but also a way  of letting them  know how to  book you  and  all your awesomeness. Don’t forget  to tell them  where to find you. Close  with your  website or social media information and  your contact email.

Sample Bios

sample bio 1
sample bio 1
sample bio 2
sample bio 2
sample bio 3
sample bio 3



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Are You Being True To Yourself? Follow Your Passions To Peace and Prosperity

follow your passion

Have you ever felt stuck in  the life you’ve created for yourself? Your life may be  going just fine on the surface, you’re employed, you’re managing to pay your bills, you have a wonderful spouse. But you live the same routine every day, day in and day out only daydreaming about the life you wished you lived. At some point in time we all find that we feel stuck. The question is how long will you allow yourself to  go on like that. Will you ever pursue your dreams and be real to your authentic self or will you just go on living a mediocre life?



We all have bills to play , we all have responsibilities and many of us have excuses for why we are not living the life we dream of living. Some of the biggest excuses we  give ourselves for not chasing our dreams are

  • Not enough free time
  • Wont pay enough to survive
  • Not enough outside support
  • Fear
  • It’s never been done before so it’s impossible
follow your dream
follow your dream

The reality is that whether we pursue our passions or allow them to lie dormant they are always in the forefront of our minds. When something is is your  blood, in your heart, no matter how much you try to push the thought of it aside you will not be able to shake what’s inside of you.

There will be people who tell you you’re crazy. People will not always see your vision and that’s perfectly fine. Everyone is not meant to see, feel or understand what you do. For that very reason alone, because you may have something unique, maybe even innovative to add to the world you must be willing to follow the little voice inside guiding you towards your dream life.

Just do it
Just do it


It won’t be easy. Change never is, fear  can  ground even the  mos talented, passionate individual. Fear of change, fear of inadequacy and even fear of success is a huge deterrent for some. I guarantee it will take some 20 hour days, some sleepless nights, it may even take a year worth of ramen noodles and boiled eggs for dinner but the journey towards your authentic self is it’s own reward.  Some of the most important reasons for pursuing your passions and living to your own authentic self and include but aren’t limited to

  • One of the things people regret most at the end of their lives are the chances that they didn’t take in life.
  • You will never  feel complete by trying to live to someone else’s standards of success. Defining what success means for yourself allows you to not just pursue a goal but enjoy the journey towards it.
  • Pursuing what your or others see as an unrealistic  goal to so many others will teach you more about life than any training class for a dead end job. The person who has failed 100 times is 100 times more knowledgeable than the person who hasn’t even tried once.
  • Following  your dreams will inspire those around you to  reach for higher goals. If you have  children this is extra important  because it’s imperative that we teach our children to  dream and that all things are possible through hard work, dedication and flexibility.
  • Pursuing  your dream doesn’t mean you have to quit your job or let your family  starve. It does mean that you will have to be willing to  sacrifice a little and  add new habits to your routine. You have to be willing to keep pushing even if everyone around you thinks you’re stark raving mad. Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t expect your life to suddenly change because you picked up a paint brush, a hammer or instrument. Pursuing your passion is a journey towards finding yourself. The joy is not in the destination but the road you travel along the way.
teach your kids
teach your kids

Those with little money, little free time or maybe too many excuses can find ways to easily incorporate their passion int their daily lives.

  • Sports enthusiast? Injured  or a little old to play? If you can’t play, coach! Volunteer with a local school, church or community center. You never  know what opportunities it may lead to.
  • Get up a hour earlier each day and set that time aside to practice or focus on your passion.
  • Check local community colleges, community centers and churches for free or discounted workshops OR the opportunity to teach one yourself.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to show off your passions, whether it’s speaking to a group on a topic related to your passion, volunteering or preparing something to sell or perform at local farmers markets, festivals and amateur showcases.
do something
do something


There are many other ways to work your passion into your daily life. You may not be able to jump right into your dream job or position but the more you immerse yourself in your passion  the  closer you get each day. You open yourself to opportunities that you  never will get sitting on the couch wondering what if.

Any goal is achievable when the right amount of determination, dedication, time and effort are applied. If I could leave with with a few last words of advice I’d remind you that

  • A Plan of action is key. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals S (Specific) M (Measurable) A (Attainable) R (Realistic) T (Timely)
  • Don’t focus as much on the destination as you do on the journey
  • Ignore the naysayer. Everyone is not meant to see your vision.
  • Define success on your own terms. You hold the key to your happiness, not your friends, family or the strangers who make up our society.
follow your dreams
follow your dreams


Need more motivation to follow your passions? Check out the articles below. These people made the leap from living mediocre day to day lives and are now living their dreams.

your life is in your hands
your life is in your hands

Sexy Sapphire 10/19/2015

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