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Spotlight on Talent- Graphic Designer & Magazine Editor J.L. Nick

86 blvd tearsheet
86 blvd tearsheet

There are a lot of HOT ASS web designers and graphics artists popping up all over the place.  From city to city, coast to coast I want to shine the spotlight on those who impress me most.  I will be bringing you interviews with some of the hottest established and up and coming web designers and graphics artists that I run across as I blaze my own path of fame across the net. Let’s get it on!! Time to meet one of the greats………..

Vital Stats
Name: JL
Age: 28
Website: WWW.86BLVD.COM

1. How long have you been perfecting your craft? About 12 years

2. What were the influences that led you into the graphic design business? just wanting know how they done that, then once I started teaching myself I was hooked.

3. Growing up what did you see yourself doing for a living? I was one them kids whose mind just kept changing on what I wanted to do. [but] having some type of business was always on my mind Do you still plan on pursuing it? I think I have already now just about getting to higher levels

4. Talk about learning another language, how hard was it for you to grasp HTML?  What haven’t you mastered yet that you can’t wait to learn?  I’m still learning, my focus is more on graphics then coding side of things but it’s hard to learn because one little error or say u for got to added a > on to code that needed it.  that one lil thing can mess up a whole coding.  Php probably only thing I have not try learn yet so probably be next for me teach my self

Vixens Magazine cover designed by JL Nick
Vixens Magazine cover designed by JL Nick

5. What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment business wise so far?  Being graphic designer, why because this just hobby at first, my first graphics use to suck so to have people now pay me do stuff for them is my biggest accomplishment.

6. How did the idea for Eighty6 Blvd. Magazine come along? Name came from graphic company name. 86 basely year I born in blvd just sounded good lol. What was it that led you to launch your own magazine?  First plan was just drop three issues because I wanted put these crazy makde up sex stories I love writing in to work but after third issue people wanted see more. turn out be a great plan since at time I dropped from a magazine I was part of.

7. You’ve done graphic work for many hot models and various magazines other than your own, how did you get so popular?  Just from always being part of business even in days where yahoo groups was spot for models and other poeple in business.

8. What’s next for you? To create more of the  ideas that be running through my head

9. Who are some of the people that you have done designs for? Vixens magazine, Pressure magazine, QsFlavas mgn, DeeJay007

Pressure Magazine cover designed by JL Nick
Pressure Magazine cover designed by JL Nick

10. If someone wants to hire you or contact you how do they get in touch with you? for graphics and far as magazine

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