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Facebook Wants Your Advertising Money. It’s So Much More Than A Place To Chat With Friends.

DO YOU SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS PHOTO??? Of course not,it is 100% within Facebook standards for a models photo.

Facebook asked Me to remove this pic
Facebook asked Me to remove this pic

However I woke up to a notification from Facebook , threatening to remove this photo as My profile picture for My Bmore’s Hidden Jewel fan page. As a part time model who  regularly promotes other models I  found this  to be a real problem. There is  absolutely nothing indecent about this photo and if a model had sent it to me as a part of her submission, I would have gladly posted it.

facebook harrassment

I voluntarily removed the photo  because IT’S THEIR SITE and who needs the drama but take this 100% innocent picture and remember what I keep trying to tell you about having your  own website. FACEBOOK IS NOT A FRIEND TO THE AVERAGE HUSTLER TRYING TO COME UP. FACEBOOK IS NOT A PLATFORM TO JUST ADVERTISE YOUR STUFF AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS. IT IS A BUSINESS.

The only thing I can see that Facebook would  want me to remove the picture for, is the blatant  advertisement. The photos not only lists My website but a variety of social media sites you can find Me on.  The more it is  shared, the more free advertisement I am getting.

FACEBOOK makes too much money selling advertising on your timeline, selling your data to companies to let them know how to better market to you and draining the little man, like Me, to pay for advertising on the site. I’ve spent money on Facebook ads but I’m not going to break Myself throwing money to build a better following on THEIR site. I am always trying to pull people onto My own site because I understand how Facebook works.

Think you have a lot of followers and they can’t stop you? My personal Facebook  page has over 30,000 followers and at any time Facebook can place Me on a 1-30 day ban blocking My access to even inbox My fan base. Getting the Facebook followers to convert to real followers is the key. That is why having your own website is number one in the solo entrepreneur business. Even if you have nothing but a landing page with a subscription box it’s better than thinking you will always have access to the fan base you’ve built on Facebook or any social networking site.

Do not cheat yourself of the opportunity to build your fan base outside of social media, where no one can block your access to them. Having your own website is easier than you think. Though I warn against it, WIX is a free platform for hosting your website until you can afford to pay to have one built or build it yourself.If you don’t mind getting a little stressed but are good at crossword puzzles you may even want to build your own. NOT com is where you would sign up to create your own website and hand craft it yourself. A third option, which many take, is to hire someone to build you a website. I do web design for small businesses by the way. I built and run My own websites and have for the last 10 years. If you’d like me to build you a website like this, feel free to contact me at

This threat to change My picture before they did, that’s small potatoes in My constant battle with Facebook. I immediately changed it and My cover photos, although it as well, was far from outside of Facebook standards. My motto is why rock the boat when I can easily post whatever I want on My own platofrm. While Facebook is not My only avenue of promotion, it is an important one. People spend more time on Facebook than any other social media site I know. I want to be able to promote there, even if the rules keep changing. Facebook rules are just guidelines I must stay within, knowing I have My own website to post whatever I want makes life a little easier.

Do you run a business on Facebook?
Have you paid for promotion via the social media site?
Has Facebook ever put you on ban,limiting your access to your fan base? How did you handle it?

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