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Author Tia L. Lincoln: This Child of Baltimore Has Blossomed Into One Unstoppable Author And Business Woman

Author Tia L. Lincoln
                                  Author Tia L. Lincoln

My love of reading and writing goes back further than I can remember. There’s nothing I enjoy more than curling up in a corner and getting lost in someone’s story. Now I have the opportunity to actually interview and talk to writers who impress Me and I’m so excited. From city to city, coast to coast I want to shine the spotlight on those who impress me most. I will be bringing you interviews with some of the hottest established and up and coming writer that I run across as I blaze my own path of fame across the net. Let’s get it on!! Time to meet one of the greats………..

I read a book by this talented author, Tia L. Lincoln about a year and a half ago and was so touched by the story I reached out to her to tell her how it had affected me. She actually responded and was so humble and graceful. She told Me however that the story I read, “Junkie: A True Baltimore Story” was her sisters life story and suggested I read ” Child of Baltimore” which represented her life. I did and became even more enraptured with her writing. I then discovered that besides a rough Baltimore upbringing we had another thing in common, a fascination with true crime. I’m so excited to be able to introduce you to or give you a more in depth view of the talented author Tia L. Lincoln.

Tia Lincolns Books
                                                                Tia Lincolns Books

1. For those who aren’t familiar with you and your work can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am an author/writer who writes and publishes strictly true stories. With my publishing company Real Life Productions, I have 5 books out right now entitled: “Child of Baltimore”, “Junkie-A True
Baltimore Story, “The Lady Who Chained Her Baby To The Bed”, “Maryland’s Most Notorious Murders 1990-2008”, and “Until I Get Caught – The True Story of A Serial Rapist in Baltimore”.

2. You seemed to hit your mark with the true crime niche. What was it that encouraged you to start researching and documenting murders?

I’ve been fascinated by the crime of murder ever since I was a child and I’ve been keeping a  mental database on murders for years. Growing up in west Baltimore in the early 80’s, I can  remember as a child fantasizing about becoming a homicide detective or even a criminal psychologist. It’s the why aspect of a murder that interests me. What drives a person to kill? When  my father was murdered in 1995, the only absolute way I could cope with his brutal murder was to  get my thoughts out on paper. Who knew that writing about my life and his murder would turn  into a career.

3. I hear You have a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice, where do you see yourself career wise in 5 years?

So far I just have an Associates Degree in the Science of Criminal Justice but I’m about 55 credits short of my Bachelors. Career wise in 5 years, I will have obtained my Bachelors, mastered Spanish, released at least 3 more books, released the film version of my 5th book, “Until I Get Caught- The True Story Of A Serial Rapist In Baltimore”, and completed courses in victim assistance training as well as an internship with the Innocence Project in Washington D.C.

Tia Lincoln, An Accomplished  Child of Baltimore
                             Tia Lincoln, An Accomplished Child of Baltimore

4. You went from, as you said “Starving…so weak where you can’t even get out of the bed to go to the bathroom” to an accomplished author and business woman. Growing up with such a rough upbringing in Baltimore did you ever think you’d see the kind of success you have today?

I didn’t think I would live to see 21 much less the success I’ve had with simply putting my life in print form. Twelve years ago, all I had was a dream. A dream that somebody, anybody would pick up my book off of a bookshelf, read it and be able to relate to my story. The very first bookstore to stock my first book, “Child of Baltimore” was a store called “Urban Knowledge” in Mondawmin Mall. The store accepted just 5 books on consignment. By the time I made it home just 30 minutes later, the owner of the bookstore called and told me that he needed more copies because he had sold the 5 books I had just left. That’s when I knew I had something…The era of “reality” was just beginning and I decided that I was going to create a publishing company that was geared towards readers who desired the real in not just true crime in Baltimore, but also what’s really going on in the world. My books are based on topics that aren’t always easily or readily discussed. My last book, “Until I Get Caught – The True Story Of A Serial Rapist In Baltimore” was so raw it was labeled contraband at Cumberland Institution.

5. How did you get started narrating crime shows?

Wow..I started narrating crime shows by the power of the internet. In addition to me being an author, I am also the crime writer for the Baltimore Examiner. The producers of a show called “Killer Kids” which airs on the Lifetime Movie Network, read an article that I wrote for the Baltimore Examiner about a case that they were profiling on their show. They shortly realized that researching and documenting murders is something that I do as a hobby and decided to hire me as a consultant/murder specialist for murders committed in Maryland. This type of niche networking lead to offers from TVOne’s Fatal Attraction and Oxygen’s Snapped.

6. It must have been exciting to have your book profiled on Lifetime Movie Network, how did that come about?

See Above

Lifetimes Killer Kids
Lifetimes Killer Kids

7. I see you are working on a new book profiling the murder of Phylicia Barnes. It’s your first book in 6 years, what made you decide to tackle it as your next project?

The Phylicia Barnes case….Just from the timeline, the legal mumbo jumbo, the trials, and everything else I’m going to have to sort through, how can I not challenge myself by tackling this interesting project of the biggest missing person case in Maryland’s history? The only problems are the delays in the case and the lack of a conviction. I know this has got to be treacherous for her family. The book cannot successfully be completed until the case is over and who knows when that will be.

8. You’ve been writing for over a decade and have released 5 books but just recently it seems the world is starting to know your name. What advice would you give to first time and up and coming authors on perseverance?

Until I Get Caught
Until I Get Caught

My advice to first time and up and coming authors on perseverance is to not be too proud to conduct book signings anywhere. I’ve conducted book signings at bookstores, street corners, out the trunk of my car, at Metro Subway stops, even at nightclubs. My books have been in flea markets, craigslist, rehab facilities, homeless shelters, liquor stores (lol..the one on Pennsylvania Ave.), and especially correctional institutions. But all of these sales meant nothing until I linked up with the biggest bookstore in the world – Amazon. So I would also advise new authors to publish their material online with Amazon. With Amazon, my books are translated into 8 different languages and sales are astronomical compared to traditional bookstore sales.

9. What would be your ultimate project?

My ULTIMATE project is no secret to those who know me well. I would LOVE to interview Lee Boyd Malvo, in person, and get his TRUE side of the story and how he personally felt committing spontaneous murders with John Muhammed. True, there have been a lot of books written on the Sniper Killers but none of them are from Lee’s perspective. Man, I would love to get his side of the story and see just where his head was at when they were assassinating random victims.

10. What are the titles of your books and where can they be purchased?

I have 5 books out right now entitled: “Child of Baltimore”, “Junkie-A True Baltimore Story, “The Lady Who Chained Her Baby To The Bed”, “Maryland’s Most Notorious Murders 1990-2008″, and “Until I Get Caught – The True Story of A Serial Rapist in Baltimore” ALL OF MY BOOKS CAN BE PURCHASED ON AMAZON.COM OR DOWNLOADED IN 2 MINUTES ON AMAZONKINDLE.COM

Author Tia L. Lincolns Appearance on Lifetime Movie Network, Killer Kids
Author Tia L. Lincolns Appearance on Lifetime Movie Network, Killer Kids

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  1. OMG Tia is such an inspiration to all human beings, she is brave and showed to much courage that most will never accomplish in a lifetime, she is my new hero. Such terrible betrayal by her family yet she fought and stood up for her father whom was less then perfect but mattered and it was not their life to take. On top of it all what probably felt like going thru a gauntlet, she overcame it all and even became an author. Wow you go girl. RIP to her daddy

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