C- Styles

C-Styles: Giving Hip Hop The Injection Of Old School Flavor It Needs.

Name: C-Styles
Age: 31
City/State: Brownsville, Texas/ Chicago Illinois
Company: Vocal Line Music Group
Musical Style: Joe Budden with a sprinkle of Fabolous and Mase

C-Styles is a hip hop artist out of Chicago, currently residing in Brownsville, Tx who has opened up for major acts such as Flo-Rida, Ludacris, French Montana, 2Chainz, DMX, T-Pain, Shwayze, Nelly, etc.

C-Styles has gotten  great reviews for his latest album “The fear of success” which spawned the hit “Ridin” ft. Kirko Bangz. He fell in love with hip hop in Chicago  growing up in the 90’s. His influences include Nas, Royce da 5’9″, Joe Buddden, AZ, Fabolous. He is currently working on his upcoming album “Happy Tragedies” which will feature major artist such as Lil Flip, Tony Sunshine, JBDK, LeLe, and a surprise collaboration with former bad boy Child Star Jerome Childers! The album is set to drop September 2016.

C-Styles and LeLe XO performing
C-Styles and LeLe XO performing

Sapphire:  How long have you been perfecting your craft? 

C-Styles: I’ve been at it since I was 14 years of age. I  took it serious during my senior year of high school back in 02-03 where I said to myself, yup, this is something I want to pursue, but first let me work a little more on my skills just to make it easier on me ha ha!

Sapphire:  Who are some of your influences?

C-Styles: Joe Budden, Nas, Royce da 5’9″, Biggie, and Fabolous are some of my biggest influences as far as writing style and the art of making a COMPLETE song which a lot of artist lack these days. Especially in the internet age where most think they know what they’re doing but lack direction.

Lil Flip, C-Styles & Crew
Lil Flip, C-Styles & Crew

Sapphire:   What are  your favorite genres of music?

C-Styles: Of course hip hop, I’m a big lover of 90’s R&B, the last SOULFUL state of music we’ve had.  I like edm, jazz, Rock, soft rock, I’m just a big lover of music period! You have to be open to a broader taste in order to add flavor to your music.

Sapphire:  What is one of the biggest misconceptions you had about the music business before you became
a part of it?

C-Styles: Before I put my foot in the door, I was naive and thought everyone had the best interest for you, that everyone was taken care of and that couldn’t be further than the truth! You have to look out for YOURSELF, learn how to read people, if they catch you sleeping, you’ll be scammed in the blink of an eye, no one cares about you so you have to fend for yourself!

Sapphire:  Have you found that  the  music scene in  Chicago and Texas are  similar or  very diverse? Did
relocation change the way you flow?

C-Styles: Very much, Chicago is more soulful whereas in Texas all they really care about is the hard bass and a trap sound, which I don’t mind at all but I’m a big fan of variety. The good thing about it is this had me experimenting with different flows so it’s made my music that much diverse.  If I would have stayed in Chicago, I’d probably just have soulful sample hip hop without any experimentation, which I can say has gotten me that influence to do that with my music here.

Sapphire:  You’ve opened up for some  major artists such as Flo-Rida, Ludacris, French Montana, 2Chainz, DMX,
and T-Pain to name a  few. How  do you  keep your head from getting too big?

C-Styles: By realizing that at the end of the day, I want those type of shows for MYSELF.  Just because you open for someone, doesn’t mean that you’ve made it big anywhere, that’s just a taste of what you can have if you work hard at building  your fan base. If you get a big head from doing major shows, you deserve a kick in the teeth and realize you haven’t done s***!

Sapphire:  What  is the best thing that has happened in your career in the last 12 months?

C-Styles: My last album “The Fear of Success” being held as one of the best reviewed of last year as well as working with artist I would’ve never thought I’d ever work with like Lil Flip and Tony Sunshine. I’d say those are big steps as far as getting my name known.

Wiz Khalifa show
Wiz Khalifa show

Sapphire:  Your new album  “Happy Tragedies” will be released in September, it features artists such as  Lil       Flip and Tony Sunshine. What  inspired this  album? How will it be  different  from your last
album “The Fear of Success?”

C-Styles: This album wasn’t really planned out, I just started recording a bunch of tracks and by the time you know it, I had something that I could work with. Now it’s getting to the point where I need to cut the fat and see what songs are going to be on the new album which is always the hard part. Being that so much has gone over the year, I’ve recorded some songs dealing with what’s going on in the world and that’s beginning to get difficult as far as where to place some of those songs. What’s different than “The Fear of Success” is that The fear of success had a huge soul sampled sound and was a very personal album. “Happy Tragedies” has a variety of songs for everyone, the beats are a mixture of soul sample, trap drums, harder lyrics, the most catchiest choruses you’ll ever hear and very much complete songs where you can bump in your car but still get a story out of it. A good example would be my song “Hypnotize” ft. JBDK. It’s pretty much the most complete album I’ve ever recorded!

Sapphire:  Do  you  have any  up and coming shows and projects you’d like to tell us  about other than your
new album?

C-Styles:  Shows are always there every month, besides that I’m going to be putting out the music video to my song “Smile for me” which is about cancer.  I look forward to the response of it since the song has pretty much resonated with a lot of people and a very positive response on it. I also plan on shooting 4 more videos for songs like “No heart to break”, “Say That”, “She got me going” and “Hypnotize”

Sapphire:  Where can people  cop your music, follow you as a fan and keep up with your work?
C-Styles: You can follow me on twitter @Chicago_Styles, cop my album “The fear of success” on itunes and spotify, listen more at soundcloud.com/ChicagoStyles , watch the videos on youtube.com/ChicagoStyles23
great year
great year

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