DJ Rokkstarr

D.J. Rokkstarr: The Talent of This Self Described Renaissance Man Is No Illusion

DJ Rokkstarr
DJ Rokkstarr

The music insudtry allows us to see so many forms of talent and at times in one extremely creative individual. There are so many talented creative souls popping up all over the internet whose talents can’t be put into a box. I think these people are more like digital media specialists. From city to city, coast to coast I want to shine the spotlight on those who impress me most. I will be bringing you interviews with some of the hottest established and up and coming talent that I run across as I blaze my own path of fame across the net. Let’s get it on!! Time to meet one of the great ones………..

Vital Stats

Name: RokkStarr

Age: 28

City/State: Baltimore, MD

Company: RedZone Studio/True Illusion Media

Professional Studio Available
Professional Studio Available

1. You seem to be a Jack of off media trades, How did you get started in the business?

At age 14, I began my journey into the music industry as a local DJ spinning at high school parties throughout Baltimore city and county. I ventured in to music production at 17, creating music for likeminded artists. My love for music grew exponentially as I expanded my knowledge into the business side of the industry and launched my first entertainment company called BlackWax Entertainment.

2. You have a background in radio, what stations were you affiliated and what type shows were you on?

I’ve worked with many local stations such as 92Q, 93.9 WKYS, WPB Radio as wells owning an internet station of my own called X105.1 Radio.

3. What made you branch out on your own and start Redzone Studio?

From the time I began making my own mixtape to promote my music, other artists and DJs became very interested in where my custom materials came from. I then brought supply to the demand and created an avenue where they can boost their image in the local market and I could make money in the process.

Book For All Types Of Media
Book For All Types Of Media

4. What do you specialize in?

This question can span from producing, writing and manufacturing entire music projects for artists to taking photos of celebrities and models. I can best sum my specialty up as a renaissance man, its always been hard to box me into only one category.

5. I see you’re a Ciroc Boy. I’ve seen that term used many times but not sure what it means. What’s a Ciroc Boy?

We are basically brand ambassadors for the Ciroc brand. Those that are prominent in the music, fashion and nightlife industries are chosen by the company to represent them in their respective areas. In return, granted usage the Ciroc name gives us an edge over the competition by being backed by the leading vodka company on the planet.

6. How did True Illusion Media come about?

True Illusion Media was launched in the spring of 2014 after my one of my best friends and I decided to combine our skills, resources and expertise in the music and video fields to create a conglomerate that provides pristine media services to those that have actual careers in the industry. It just time to up the stakes in our own careers and this was a power move to solidify our names as the top of our class. It also enabled us to work with higher-end clientele that can help us market our brand to major artists and companies around the world.

Professional Video Editing
Professional Video Editing

7. You’ve worked with some of the hottest models and entertainers in the DMV area. Who were some of your favorite to be in the studio with?

My favorite model to work with in the DMV has to be China Dawl, very down to earth and beautiful woman with such a unique look. As far as entertainers go, being in the studio with MMGÕs Stalley was one of the best studio experiences I’ve had with a major label artist. Very humble dude with an outrageous work ethic, I can truly see why Rozay picked him up.

8. In a world where everyone seems to feel the need to be in front of the cameras what compels you to work behind the scenes?

Ive been fortunate enough to have my time in front of the camera and being in so many different positions in the industry, you learn which places are more beneficial than others. The work that I do helps those in front of the camera look and sound their best which makes my role in their careers very important. And we all know that with any career, your level of importance in a company directly reflects your income. Why be a customer when I can be the plug?

9. Where are your studios located and how can you be booked?

My newest location is now open in downtown Baltimore city. Booking studio time can be done via our website at, email or by calling 662-471-TRUE (8783).

Check Out DJ Rokkstarr
Check Out DJ Rokkstarr

10. How can we follow your work on social media?

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @rokkstarrlyfe and on Facebook by searching DJ RokkStarr. I also have a personal site at

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