Flo – This Former Bad Girls Club Cast Member Is Now Rocking The Mic And Showing Off Her Writing Skills.

Sapphire: What  have you been up to  professionally  since you stopped appearing on  reality  tv. regularly?

Flo: Working on my music, writing my book, and I do a lot of counseling to my fans online, working towards having a online advice radio station where people can call in and ask me questions since I advise people everyday! I love helping others! I’m shooting my music video for my song “tear it up” on YouTube as well! I’ve produced a music video as well!

Sapphire: You have a young daughter, how  do you balance the  take of  relaunching your career with  being a full time mother?

Flo: That’s the hardest part, I am very family oriented and I will only work on things that ale it worth losing a moment with spending time with my daughter, I love my career but being a mother is more important to me, I won’t sacrifice unless it’s worth it.


Sapphire: Bowling, ice skating, ATV’s in the  woods with the boy…. have you always  been  sporty  girl?

Flo: Always, I am a tomboy, I have scrapes and cuts and bruises all over from being so outdoorsy, I love to play and have fun but when I’m lazy I’m lazy lol!

Sapphire: How would you describe your personal  style?

Flo: Very versatile, I literally will wear anything I don’t have one style, I can do it all, but I love to dress comfortable im not a heels and dress kind of girl at all but if I have to I’ll slay!

Sapphire: Are you an  animal girl? If  so,  do you have any pets?

Flo: Yeah animals are cool, I have a shitzu, but I like bad ass animals like pitbulls, snakes and things people are afraid of I like!

Sapphire: How long have you have you had  ambitions of  being a singer? Do you write your own music?

Flo: I sing write music, I rap, I produce music I have written music for men that i can’t say I have lol, but I love music that was always my main focus, people will hear a hit song soon trust me!

Sapphire: Would you ever  do reality tv again? Why or why not?

Flo: Yes if the price is right, they have asked me to do marriage booth camp, bgc redemption, the new all star battle, but the money they offered was a joke so I said no! Like I said if it’s not worth my time financially I won’t waste time doing it! I won’t let the industry use me like so many girls do! It’s a choice

Sapphire: You’re about to  host Summer Jam in Atlanta are you excited? What’s the best part of hosting live events?

Flo: I love meeting my fans, or as I call them, my people! They are so awesome I love interactions with them I get to see them live and I love that!


Sapphire: Whats up next  for Flo, what  can your fans  look forward to from you?

Flo: Music, my book which I’m working on for a while now, and lots of helping others, my music video and my radio station!

Sapphire: What is the biggest  misconception  people  have about you?

Flo: People think I’m this mean fighting machine, but I’m the nicest person you will ever meet, I love the world and I know we need our youth to have good role models I wanna change the world!

Sapphire: Where can people  keep up with your work?

YouTube my music just type in flobgc music, Ig @therealflorina Twitter @flobgc and Facebook Flo.kaja I post daily and I’m pretty funny go follow me! Muahh!


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