Destany Jana long and lean

Model of the Month: Destany Jana

Name: Destany Jana Attaway
Age: 24
Location: Dallas, Texas

Melanin poppin'
Melanin poppin’

A newcomer to the  modeling  industry Destany  Jana  has a refreshing  look and  attitude. The Texas based model has been making love to the camera  for  just under a year. We look forward to  watching her  as  she  grows into the model  she desires to be.

Destany Jana long and lean
Destany Jana long and lean

Sapphire: In a world full of barbies you stand out. Your look is bold and fierce and leaves you distinguishable in a cookie cutter industry. How have you found that your look worked both in your favor and against you?

 Destany Jana: I have found that my looks really work for me a lot, my look helps to distinguish me from the tons of other models that show up to auditions and casting with the normal long hair and same look. With my full lips, big eyes, and bold hair that varies colors it definitely sets me apart. Also my figure I’m petite but I have a slight curve to me as well to where it’s not outrageous. I still fit the standards but I also fill the clothes out quite nicely and bring my essence to every look. It only works against me when it comes to looks that may require more hair or chest but of course hair can be bought. Ha

Sapphire: You appear to be such a natural. How long have you been modeling? What got you started in the industry?

Destany Jana: Thank you. January 31, 2016 was my very first photoshoot. April 10, 2016 was my first runway show. So I am fairly new to the industry, 7 months now. I have always had a huge interest in the industry just never gave myself fair opportunity. I love everything about the industry it’s amazing.

natural  beauty
natural beauty

Sapphire: Have you had the opportunity to travel as a model yet?

Destany Jana: As of right now I have only been in Texas modeling, but I very much so plan on venturing out.

Sapphire: People look at models and entertainers and think they have it easy. What is something you deal with as a model that many people would never think of?

Destany Jana: As a model I definitely deal with a lot of hard work. Behind the scenes it is definitely not all glitz n glam. Its sweet, blood, and tears. You deal with long hours, sacrifices and sometimes emotional distress. There is also rejection, having to demand that respect without coming across as rude or disrespectful. Basically letting someone know your worth once you have proved your talents.

Sapphire: Life is about balance. How do you balance chasing your dreams with motherhood?

Destany Jana: That is definitely one of the things in my life that’s not so easy. I have to schedule work, modeling, and being a mother literally in a planner. Everything for me is written and dated. However, there are moments I say forget the schedule and just live in the moment.

Sapphire: You do a lot of both photo shoots and fashion shows. Do you have a preference? If so, why?

Destany Jana:  I prefer to do photoshoots. Not many know that I am a very shy person naturally so I transform into someone else when I’m modeling. Sort of an alter ego. I love to create and do different ideas and bring them to life. I love the high fashion, vogue and exotic looks. Fashion shows though help bring me out of my shell more while the photoshoots seem to come natural to me.

Sapphire: Have you had your work featured in any magazines yet? If not, what magazines would you love to see your work in one day?

Destany Jana: I would love to see my work in vogue. Vogue is the top magazine for current events and fashion industry related things I just love it. I would also love a feature in cosmopolitan. I buy every issue of cosmopolitan that I can.


Sapphire: What would you consider your dream gig?

Destany Jana: My dream gig would be to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. I have been in awe of them since I was little and also a Covergirl Model. I just dream of being internationally known.

Sapphire: Any upcoming projects we should know about?

Destany Jana: Right now runway shows, building my portfolio and acting classes.

Sapphire: How can a person go about booking you or following your career?

 Destany Jana: They can follow me on Instagram @Destany Jana, Facebook model page:, Twitter: @desjana_slim, book me: phone number: 972-803-2821.

fashion shows
fashion shows

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