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Model Of The Month – Model T Unleashed

I love  Model T Unleashed. I have watched this  versatile model as she has developed over the last 10 years. Her versatility has never ceased to amaze me. I  hope you take the  chance to  check her out further, she’s amazing.

Sapphire: How long have you been modeling?

Model T Unleashed: First, I want to say thank you for granting me another feature! I have been modeling for 10 years and it’s been a very wonderful experience!

Model T
Model T

Sapphire: You have an extensive portfolio and versatile look. How do you come up with your looks for photo shoots?

Model T Unleashed: Thanks! So here’s my secret on how I come up with looks to shoot: I try to incorporate the clothes in my closet along with my wig collection to help put a look together. After I do that, I try to come up with a theme surrounding that look. Once that’s finished, I search for the right photographer who can bring my vision to life.

Sapphire: Is modeling a job or a hobby for you? Do you see it as something you will do long term?

Model T Unleashed: This is a hobby for me that I truly enjoy with or without pay. If the Louisville, KY market was larger and more diverse for paying jobs, I’d totally model full-time! Yes, I could move to another city that has a larger market, but I’m almost 36 years old and life has taken me down another path right now. I do plan to model all the way into my gray haired years, HAHAHAHA!

Sapphire: What was the last project you took part in?

Model T Unleashed: The last few projects that I participated in was the 2016 Autism Calendar by Mikey Huang (I was the month of February) and I was also featured in the music video for Junior J’s song, Mind Makin

Classic Beauty
Classic Beauty

Sapphire: I must admit I’m fascinated by your versatility. Your shoots always leave Me like “damn” that girl hair be banging. You always have the perfect look for each outfit. Then I realized you’re the wig queen. How do you find so many awesome styles?

Model T Unleashed: Thank you! I LOVE wigs! I purchase my wigs from online stores because it’s cheaper than going to the local beauty supply store (those wigs are overpriced!) My favorite sites are:,, and because they are budget friendly.

Sapphire: What led you to start reviewing wigs on YouTube? You really have a flair for what you do. Your personality is awesome.

Model T Unleashed: In the Fall of 2011, I purchased my first laptop and decided to spend my nights and weekends shopping online. I seen the wig Model Model Dayon and noticed that no one had did a YouTube review on it. So, I ended up buying the wig for $12.99 and did my review once it arrived! I do plan to grow my channel as soon as I get my new camera 🙂 Click the link to see my first video:

Hula Girl
Hula Girl

Sapphire: I see you make the rounds at the local events, you looked beautiful in white at a Maxim party recently. How do you get invited to so many hot events? Do you ever host parties?

Model T Unleashed: I used to go out ALL THE TIME but now I try to attend events that are low key. I got invited once again by Accent Models to attend the 2016 Maxim Fillies and Stallions Derby Eve Party. One Derby night, I attended Jack Daniels Art Beats Lyrics, which featured artwork from amazing artists along with a performance from Twista! I actually wore the white dress to that event (purchased from M.Marie Beauty Bar I’ve never hosted a party because I may know of a lot of folks, but that does not mean they are coming to the party. I hang with a lot of different crowds and you know how the saying goes, “not all of your friends will get along”

Sapphire: What does a pretty, talented woman like yourself do to relax? Any hobbies?

Model T Unleashed: My hobbies are roller skating, wig reviews, reading books, shopping, watching silly reality shows, viewing artwork, and walking. On a stressful day, I do relax by one of the following: drink a bottle of champagne or wine, eat a broccoli and cheese baked potato or Qdoba, and rant to my best friends and Kory LOL!

Keep Staring
Keep Staring

Sapphire: Do you have any other talents we should know about?

Model T Unleashed: I recently took a professional hula hooping class to help stay fit! So I’ll be one of those girls wearing tye-dye and hula hooping at festivals lol!

Sapphire: Have you ever been published in print or part of any major projects?

Model T Unleashed: The last time I was published was Winter 2015. I haven’t been doing much modeling this year due to other priorities but that will be changing very soon!

Sapphire: How can people follow and keep up with you?

Model T Unleashed:
Instagram: Modeltunleashed

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