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Spotlight on Talent – Melanin Reigns: Writer, Goddess, Radio Show Personality

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Name: Melanins Reigns

Age: 21

Location: Baltimore

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Job Title: Freelance Writer and Radio Host

Melanin Reigns is a freelance writer and radio host of WOLB 1010 ‘The Mentoring Clinic’. Born and partially raised in Pittsburgh, PA to two Liberian parents. Owner of Melanin Reigns Essentials LLC. However, she is more than just a writer and entrepreneur she is a spoken word artist, emcee, youth mentor and more.

Melanin Reigns

Melanin Reign

For quite some time I would hear the name “Melanin Reigns” around the poetry and arts scene but had yet to meet the woman so many spoke highly of. One day, I finally had the chance to hear her spit some poetry. Her flow was deep and amazing, her voice, mesmerizing. Though her talents had Me enraptured, I could not ignore her physical beauty.

She wasn’t “pretty”, to simplify her that way would be an insult, she was stunning. Her movements were regal, her clothing told you she was proud of her heritage, she didn’t have to have anything showing to command the attention of all in the room. Her jewelry, you could tell was handcrafted and hand-picked, each ring, earring, bracelet to invoke or ward off. I had to get to know her, so I started to follow her on social media. Then I knew I had to introduce her to you.

Sapphire: You’re very well known and loved in the Baltimore arts scene, yet you’re a Pittsburgh native. How long have you been in the Baltimore area? How is the Baltimore arts scene different from the Pittsburgh arts scene?

Melanin Reigns: I’ve been in Baltimore for about 9 years now. Although I have yet to truly experience the Pittsburgh art scene, I can definitely say that there isn’t enough indigenous people and that for me is an issue. The Baltimore art scene is far more diverse and more importantly the soul still lives here.

Sapphire: You’re not just a poet but also have a beautiful singing voice. How did you first discover your talents? Do you remember your first time performing something you wrote?

Melanin Reigns: I’ve always known I was multi talented, however, I didn’t do much performing until I joined the Speak Life Tour. As far as performing, a spoken word artist by the name of Epiphany inspired me to step out and use my voice to its full potential. The first time I performed something I wrote, was a little over a year ago for Stephanie Rawlings Blake’s Mayoral Youth Domestic Violence Forum .

Melanin Reigns outdoors

Melanin Reigns outdoors

Sapphire: You happily live a vegan lifestyle. For those unfamiliar with Veganism, can you explain what that is? What led you to this lifestyle?

Melanin Reigns: So I actually do not subscribe to the label of vegan, simply because I shift my diet often according to resources and needs. However, I primarily live a plant based lifestyle and it was influenced by the quality of chicken that became popular in the market around 2008. They were injected with so many steroids that it could still be tasted through preparation and cooking. Long story short I started my journey around 2012 to eat to live instead of living to eat.

Sapphire: Speaking of veganism, on Fridays, you cook up a beautiful vegan meal and go out and feed the homeless and those in need. What inspired you to start “Feed a Friend Fridays?” How long have you been feeding strangers around Baltimore?

Melanin Reigns: Feed a Friend Friday started from my desire to engage with strangers. As crazy as it may sound, a lot of people could use a friend. What better way to commune than over food? From that basic thought came the element to provide those individuals with quality meals that would nourish their bodies as well. We prepare free, tasty vegetarian and vegan food. A win, win situation in my book.

Sapphire: You also run Melanin Reigns Essentials, LLC,  a company that creates and sells natural products, hand-crafted jewelry and even performs spiritual readings. Can you tell us more about Melanin Reigns Essentials, LLC and what you offer?

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Melanin Reigns: Melanin Reigns Essentials is a multi-faceted brand dedicated  to making your online experience a one stop shop. We promote healthy living and all natural products that work with your enzymes, rather than disabling them overtime. We offer natural hair and body products such as; body butter, hair oils, soaps, toners etc. Our spiritual services include:tarot readings, spacial energy cleansing, touch and sound healing. The alkaline jewelry line is created with healing stones and crystals custom made just for YOU! All of these services are pioneered by profound sisters in the community. Rychel Reigns Accessories, YOUniversall Multi-media Co. ,Kifalme Royal Naturals and Mytia_styles are all incorporated within Melanin Reigns Essentials LLC.

Sapphire: What exactly is a spiritual reading? What does one usually get from it?

Melanin Reigns: Readings involve utilization of a medium to see what energy is willing to surface from the underworld aka the subconscious. So as a tarot card reader, I utilize my ability to transmute energy unto the cards, in order for clients to see them as well. The confirmation then comes from the client’s ability to identify where the “past position” messages are relevant in their life. (As they have already happened and can assist in gauging accuracy in the rest of the reading.) After which comes your present position then future. Depending on what spread is used, things like financial abundance or issues can show up. In regards to love, messages about divine partnerships, marriages, blockages due to residue from your ex and third party situations can appear also.

You will be assisted to your highest good if you stay in alignment with @mrsmelaninreigns advice. What intrigues people about “psychic intuition” is their ability to connect with things that appear outside of the self. People want to know how does this occur and how can it be validated? Find out for yourself, diagnostic readings begin at 7 dollars and 11 cents. Our theme at is to stop avoiding your healing process. The driving force behind the readings is to offer guidance in healing. You absolutely cannot go wrong with evolving authentically.

Melanin Reigns Live

Melanin Reigns Live

Sapphire: Ask Melanin? I love the concept. How long have you been doing “Melanin Mondays” on Facebook? What topics do you find most people come to you for guidance on?

Melanin Reigns: Melanin Mondays will soon be embarking upon it’s one year anniversary. Most people inquire about a starting point to heal and advice on how to pursue their true passions. I can always be reached on! Click the “Ask Melanin” tab under ‘Contact Us’.

Sapphire: Any big summer plans or performances coming up?

Melanin Reigns: I am touring Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, New York, Virginia, California and MORE all summer long with the Speak Life Tour. Be sure to log onto to find out dates and invite us to your city! We have a lineup of phenomenal artists, hand picked by our founder @Cspeaksofficial. If you’ve never experienced our host @EpiphanysWords then you definitely need tickets to the next show.

Sapphire: You have some cool performance videos on YouTube, do you still perform live?

Melanin Reigns: Gratitude beloved. I still perform live and Melanin Reigns the music artist has plenty of gifts in store for fall!

Sapphire: Where  can  people follow you and purchase your natural products?

Melanin Reigns: Your healthy addiction begins at ! Please keep in mind that when you support Melanin Reigns Essentials LLC. , you’re supporting a variety of small businesses that give back to communities like yours!

@MelaninReigns on all social media.

Melanin Reigns Essentials on Facebook

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