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Spotlight On Talent: Latonia “Shostoppa” Martin

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Name: Latonia Martin

Location: Chicago

Measurements: 5’7″ 240lbs 42-46-48

Latonia “Shostoppa” Martin is an up and coming model and actress out of Chicago Illinois. A plus size model, Latonia is hoping to help change the way plus models are perceived in the industry. Also a budding actress, Latonia shows her diversity as she makes her way up the ladder.

Shostoppa 1

Sapphire: I appreciate you taking time out your busy schedule to sit down and talk to me. How long have you been in the entertainment industry? How did you get your big break?

Latonia: Actually, I just got into the entertainment industry in November of last year. I got my big break at my runway graduation from Chocolate Modeling Academy, when Shettima Web, another plus size model, opened the doors to opportunity for me.

Sapphire: When we met, I thought you were just a model, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you’re an actress as well. Can you tell us about Undercover Detectives?


Latonia: Undercover Detectives is a show about corrupt detectives that will be starting soon. It is directed by April Whitaker, I play the part of Patience. The cast is currently on a radio tour to promote the show, we most recently did Intellectual Radio with Brandi Love in Chicago.

Sapphire: Inquiring minds would like to know,  how did you get the name “Shostoppa”?

Latonia: A group of my friends gave it to me for my comedy and clothes when I come in people look at me so I’m the Shostoppa.

Sapphire: How long have you been working with the Plushsize Modeling Agency? How did you end up joining the team?

Latonia: I’ve been with them only for a few weeks. By chance meeting I met Felicia, who owns the agency. We hit it off and she scooped me up for her agency and pus sized magazine.

plush size

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Sapphire: As a plus sized model have you found the modeling industry to be open and welcoming? What is your biggest challenge as a plus model?

Latonia: Many Designers still have to learn to work with diversity, the industry and world is changing as we speak.

Sapphire: You looked beautiful at your Scholarship 2017 event. For those unfamiliar with the event, can you tell us about it?

Latonia: I’ve been a part of St. John Grand Chapter in Chicago for 17 years.  We raise money to give scholarships to High school Seniors towards college. Every February we have a large banquet

Sapphire: Are you more of a tomboy or a girly girl? How would you describe your style?

Latonia: Both actually. I can go to 0 to 100 real quick, switching from a fully beat face to gym shoes and jeans

Sapphire: What advice would you give to young girls who aspire to be models even though they don’t fit the traditional standards of the modeling industry?

Latonia: Learn to take constructive criticism you will be told no. You have just keep going and put God first

Sapphire: What’s next for Ms. Shostoppa? What can fans look forward to seeing from you in the near future?

 Latonia: I’m planning to make My way to New York Fashion Week, see the Bulls play and  to  hone my acting talents


Sapphire: How can someone book you and keep up with your work?

Latonia: or

IG @shostoppadamodel

Twitter    @shostoppadamodel

G+ Latonia Martin


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Casting Call: Disney Seeking Kids 9-12 For “That’s So Raven” Spin-off.

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Disney Channel and “That’s So Raven” star Raven-Symone are working on a spin- off to the popular show, which aired between 2003 and 2007. Disney Channel casting is searching nationwide for talented kids between the ages of 9 and 12 to submit videos in hopes of landing a role on the upcoming “That’s So Raven” Spin-off.

Interested kids need to download their script provided and create a short video of themselves performing the lines given and upload it through Disney’s Applause App. Get the Applause App here.

Sources say that Raven-Symone will reprise her role as Raven Baxter as well as executive produce the show.

The original “That’s So Raven” show focused on a teenage Raven who was blessed (or cursed) with the ability to see the future. No matter how hard she tried to fix things before they could go awry, she failed in the most comedic ways. The script often called for Raven-Symone to don hilarious costumes. In the new unnamed pilot, Raven-Symone is now raising her own pre-teen with psychic abilities.

To download the  script please see this page

That's So Raven

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Spotlight On Talent: Nafrini

Nafrini is a Conscious Hip Hop artist hailing from the Midwest, on a mission to bring back authentic storytelling and substance to the art form of Hip Hop. In the spring of 2015 she released ‘All Day (Promo)’, a freestyle over Kanye West’s track of the same name where she addressed the braggadocio nature of rap music. She followed that up in the winter of 2015 with her first official single ‘In My Hands’—a laid back hip hop record detailing the obstacles of her spiritual journey followed by the release of the ‘In My Hands’ music video in the spring of 2016.

Nafrini 1

Nafrini 1

In the Fall of 2016 she released her second single ‘Lovin’ Him (That Was That Bullshit)’ detailing a past relationship that ended in regret. 2017 promises the next chapter in that tale with new music & visuals, live performances and as always, a focus on telling true-to-life stories.



Sapphire: You’re  extremely multi talented, model, musician, actress, is there any talent you wish you had but don’t? If you had to pick one of you talents to focus on for the next 5 years, which would it be?
Nafrini: Thank you. I really wish I knew how to play the guitar. It’s my favorite instrument next to the drums to hear on a track, but I cannot play lol. If I had to pick 1 talent to focus on for the next 5 years it would be music hands down! It’s one of my first loves next to writing and now that things are moving in that area I’d prefer to put more energy that way.

Sapphire: Your  music,  while giving the hip hop crowd what it wants, also manages to tell deep stories of love, growth, pain, and betrayal. Where  do you come up with the inspiration for your songs? Which of your  current songs do you  enjoy performing most in front of a live audience?

Nafrini: My lyrics stem from personal life experiences mainly. I come up with concepts before I hear the beat as what I want to speak about at that time determines the type of beat I search for. I enjoy performing ‘Do You Love Yourself’ which will be released officially very soon! I’ve been performing that live and it gets a great response each time. I enjoy it mainly as it speaks on the vanity of humans and how that can take ones life down the wrong path to where they eventually get lost in all of the illusions of life.

Sapphire: Why  do you  bill yourself as a “conscious” hip hop artist? What  makes your music  different  from  the norm?

Nafrini: I’m young but I grew up with an older brother who always played pure Hip Hop in the house from Too Short to Pac and some Do or Die out of Chicago so I grew up listening to pure storytellers. I think that’s an element that is missing in today’s music. It’s been resurrected with J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, two of my favorites by the way. I’m not the kind of artist who will do a bunch of songs about how good her sex is, how dope her body is etc. I naturally tell life stories when I write. While I don’t knock any other artist who’s about pure entertainment as there’s a place for that I am here to keep the storytelling going how Tupac and those before used to do with their music.
Nafrini 2

Nafrini 2

Sapphire: Your  portfolio on Model Mayhem is stunning. Each photo more mesmerizing. I see you’ve been modeling  for 11 years, what  got you started in the modeling industry and how hard was it to find your niche?

Nafrini: Thank you for the compliment. I actually began modeling by mistake believe it or not. I’m a short girl standing 5’0 and very curvy so I never saw myself as model material. I was actually searching for a photographer to take some actor headshots for me as I was doing local theater and some short films locally and he put me on to sites like Model Mayhem and I took the photos from that shoot and opened a portfolio account to mainly network with other actors, casting directors on there. I began to get approached by photographers who loved my look and began to do photoshoot that way and it just led to more and more shoots as well as other acting projects. I knew right away that I would not qualify for top casting agencies due to my height and then I learned about different avenues of modeling and I love being sexy so I began to do more lingerie, implied nudes to full on nude work. Glamour pays good and fits perfectly for me. I view myself as a vixen, sex kitten with a Goddess flare so I ran with it.
Sapphire: What can you tell us  about “Blood of Bad Men”? You look  kinda  mean with a  gun in your hand, will this  be your  first movie?
Nafrini: Blood of Bad Men just wrapped in 2016 and is currently in post production. It’s about a group of ladies who are pretty much call girls with a Madame lol, and they get wrapped up in some petty crime outside of pleasing customers that leads to some messy blood shed. Anyone who knows me knows I’m slightly obsessed with Pam Grier as she represents strength and sex appeal with you look at her catalog of work so I love portraying that image as well. This will be my second film to make the cut and be released as the first is called ‘Petty Cash: The Movie’ and that was several years ago. I’ve done a few other projects but they have not seen the light of day. 

Sapphire: I see we share a hobby, I’ve noticed you keep a book nearby. I’m an avid reader as well. What are your  favorite genres? What book can you read over and over?
Nafrini: Nice! Yes, I am a bookworm for sure and have been one since I was a little girl with my first set of books being Dr. Suess ordered by my mom lol. I LOVE fiction novels though I’ve been more into non-fiction, self help books. I have been dying to reread the Little Black Girl Lost series by Keith Lee Johnson. I made it to the third book and saw there are more so I need to start over and catch up lol. The story of Johnnie Wise was compelling for me when I first started reading that series.
Nafrini 3

Nafrini 3

Sapphire: I know hearts are going to break here but you’re happily in love. Is it hard being a nude model and entertainer and having a stable relationship? Is you boo supportive of your career?

Nafrini: You know I’ve definitely experienced in a past relationship that not every man can handle his woman being seen by so many men in the nude. It’s really a security issue because these also tend to be the same men who follow you so they know your work and like your pictures but will tell you they don’t date “those kind of women” so in the past I compromised who I am which is a fucking nudist hippie LOL. I’m comfortable in my skin and love showing off my sex appeal but when I tried playing the conservative role I became miserable as I realized that isn’t me and any man who steps to me has to roll with me or keep it moving. I have seen with my partner that not every man has an issue with it! Hell, if porn stars can have full on husbands and children why can’t a chick who just likes to be nude have the same, right? I feel no pressure now as I can be myself and that’s the dopest feeling as his only concern is being committed to him which is NO issue for me! I’m traditional in a lot of ways believe it or not.

Sapphire: Your body is  sick, I see you be up in Planet Fitness. Do you have a strict work out regimen? Do you diet?
Nafrini: Well thank you. I aim to hit the gym 3-4 times a week to maintain and sculpt my physique and honestly nutrition wasn’t my thing before as I’m such a foodie! Yet now I’ve realized how that plays a huge part in fitness so I aim to have a cleaner diet with more fruits, vegetables and natural products. I no longer eat fried foods except for on a cheat day. 

Sapphire: You’ve shot in some beautiful locations. If you had to pick a top two  locations, which would you say you enjoyed the most?

Nafrini: Definitely West Hollywood is now a favorite and I love Chicago as there are so many dope places to shoot outdoors when the weather is beautiful.
Nafrini 4

Nafrini 4

Sapphire: How  can people keep up with your music, modeling and acting work. Drop those links girl.
Nafrini: People can follow me on Instagram at and like my Facebook page at as well as Twitter to keep up with my projects as I post and network often. Don’t forget to  swing by  my website
Thank you once again for this interview.
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Casting: NC Locals For Extra And Stand In Roles In Heist Film “American Animals”.

B. Dahlquist Casting of NC is now accepting submissions from area locals to fill multiple extra, stand in and  photo double roles for the upcoming film, “American Animals”.

Evan Peters of American Horror Story, Kick Ass and X-Men fame is set to star in the movie. “American Animals” is based on a true story about four young male adults who attempted something out of a movie and tried to pull off one of the craziest heists in American history.

American Animals” will be produced by UK based Raw productions and is being financed by Film4 and AI Film.



All Ages, All Races & All Types Needed.

PLEASE NOTE: Those submitting to work as Extras or Stand Ins should be from the general area, within a short driving distance or willing to work as a local hire. No housing, travel, gas bumps will be given.

Pay Rate for Extras -$64 for first 8 hours or less (time & half after 8).
Pay Rate for Stand Ins – $125 for 12 hours.

Submissions for this project must include ALL information listed below in order to be processed. Failure to include all information will delay your submission process.
2 CURRENT Photos (one full length & one close up)
NAME, (if a minor -parents name should be included as well)
MEN -Jacket, Dress Shirt -Neck & Sleeve, Casual Shirt -such as T-shirt or Polo, Pants -Waist & Inseam, Shoe.
FEMALES – Measurements -Chest/Waist/Hips, Dress, Shirt, Pants, Shoe
Do you have any visible tattoos or piercings? If so, let us know where.

Submissions should be sent to with heading being your Age, Race, Gender and City/State you reside.
Example -52, Hispanic Male, Charlotte, NC.

We are asking those submitting to please snap a CURRENT photo of yourself. This photo can be taken with your cell phone. We need a recent photo that currently reflects you, your hair color, style and hair length as well as any facial hair you may have.


Police officers:

AMERICAN ANIMALS (Charlotte, NC) Seeking 3 real SWAT/POLICE or Real Military available for FEBRUARY 8th Filming.

Ages 20′s -50′s. Must be 100% available day and evening hours.
These 3 will be photo selected by director. Should be clean shaven with shorter neat haircuts. Please make sure your photos are current -One close up and one full length.
Please include your name, age, phone, height/weight, complete clothing sizes as they will be needed for uniform purposes, city/state you reside as well as Police/Swat or Military experience.
Submissions should be sent to with heading 2/8 POLICE.

College students:

AMERICAN ANIMALS (Charlotte, NC) Seeking those that can pass as COLLEGE STUDENTS (Males & Females), Preppy Frat boys, & College Soccer Jocks.
ALL RACES & TYPES NEEDED. Ages 18 -20′s.

Since our actors are in mid to late 20′s we can use those in mid to late 20′s as long as they could still pass as college types.
Filming will take place in Charlotte and surround areas Feb -March.
Please include 2 current photos (one being full length & one close up) along with your Name, Age, Phone, Height/Weight, Clothing Sizes, Color/Make/Model/Year of Vehicle, City/State you reside.

Submissions should be sent to with heading being your Ethnicity/Gender/Age/City/State you reside.
Example -Asian Female, 23, Charlotte, NC.

Senior Extras

AMERICAN ANIMALS (Charlotte) -Seeking SENIORS ages 70 – 80′s. Hoping to find some wonderful faces. If you have an old parent or grandparent that may be interested-please let them know or sign them up. All Races needed.

Filming will take place in Charlotte and it’s surrounding areas Feb. -March. All extras are paid. Most only needed for 1 day of filming.
Submissions should be sent to charlotteextras@gmail.coom with heading SENIORS.
Please include a current photo, name, age, phone, height/weigght, clothing sizes, vehicle information, city/state you reside.


FIRST UP -We will be seeking 4 Caucasian Male Stand Ins, all with Brown hair but of various heights (between 5’7, 5’11, 6′, 6’1 for our 4 Male leads). Filming will take place in Charlotte and surrounding areas (such as Davidson College and so on).

Must be willing to work where you are needed and as a local hire.

These Stand Ins may will also be working as PA’s. These 4 Males will need to be 100% available and flexible February – March.
There will be more Stand ins of various ethnicities, gender and ages….we are awaiting additional cast information.

If you fit a description for one of the 4 Males listed and are FULLY available, please go on and submit ASAP to charlotte with heading STAND IN/PA.
Submissions should include a current photo, name, age, phone, height/weight,clothing sizes, city/state you reside and your set or filming experience.
Submissions should be sent to

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Casting Call: Child Actor For Lead Role In Steven Spielberg Film “The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara”

Steven Spielberg’s adaptation  of the Pulitzer Prize winning  novel, “The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara” is now in  pre-production. The story revolves a young Jewish boy, secretly baptized by a Catholic maid who subsequently was taken from his Jewish home to be raised as a Catholic.

Spielberg is looking to  cast a  boy between the ages of  6-9 who looks Jewish Italian. An Italian accent is not required for the role. The movie will be  filmed on location in Bologna and other parts of Italy and  is scheduled to be released at the end f 2017.


The following information  was  released by the Maryland Film  Organization  regarding the  film.


EDGARDO — BOY age 6-9 to play 6 years old. This is a unique and very challenging part for a truly special boy. The story deals with the complexity of an extremely intelligent and gifted child’s situation – his desire to return to his family and the faith of his ancestors, pitted against his ability to learn the Catechism and engage with the Pope on a level far beyond his years. HE SHOULD APPEAR TO BE A JEWISH ITALIAN child. We are not looking for any kind of Italian accent. LEAD.

STORY LINE — Steven Spielberg is making a film about the true story of EDGARDO MORTARA – a 6 year old Jewish boy from Bologna who was reported to have been secretly baptized by a maid, and was deemed by the Catholic church therefore to be Christian. Pope Pius IX (to be played by Mark Rylance) decreed that the boy could not remain with his Jewish family. He was seized by the Papal State and taken to the Vatican where his indoctrination into Catholicism began. This was a cause célèbre of mid-nineteenth century European politics and the domestic and international outrage against the pontifical state’s actions may have contributed to its downfall amid the unification of Italy. This is an incredible story of real historical relevance.

To submit: Email
Subject line: EDGARDO SUBMISSION / Name of boy, your agency, city/state.
Body of email: Your agency contact info, boys name/age/d.o.b, city/state of residence, along w/current non retouched photos.

If you want to include a brief introduction, bio or resume, please do! Edgar needs to be highly intelligent…. please note any related, special, or fun facts so we get to know him! –

Auditions will be held in various cities across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Check below for the  audition dates and city closest to you.

New York
Sunday, January 29th / 10am – 5pm
One on One Studios / 34 W 27th St, 11th Floor, NYC 10001

Los Angeles
Sunday January 29th / 10am-5pm
American Jewish University Colen Conference Hall
15600 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90077
Parking in Lot 3

Saturday, February 4th / 9am – 1pm
JP Studios
400 Eastern Avenue, Suite 201A

Sunday, February 5th / 10am – 5pm
Dave & Mary Alper Jewish Community Center
11155 SW 112 Ave. Miami, FL 33176

Sunday, February 5th / 10am – 4pm
Shoreline Studios
1425 Charles St Vancouver, BC V5L 2S7

Sunday, February 12 / 10am – 5pm
Bernard Weinger Jewish Community Center
300 Revere Dr, Northbrook, IL 60062

Sunday 29th January 10am – 5pm
Newman St Studios
42 – 44 Newman Street, London, W1T 1QD

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Casting Paid Extras For Pitch Perfect 3. (Atlanta)

Rose Locke Casting is seeking ATL locals to fill paid non-speaking extra roles in Pitch Perfect 3. Early announcements for the movie, currently being filmed in Atlanta, shows that many of the stars who appeared int he first two installments are returning. Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Elizabeth Banks are all back.  Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Camp, Alexis Knapp,  Brittany Snow as well as singers Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are also listed as  part of the cast.

Elizabeth Banks directed “Pitch Perfect 2″, her  first foray into directing.  However Banks will focus on  acting this go around and  Trish Sie is directing.



All submissions are to be sent to
Include 3 pics (head, body and profile) age, ht, wt, and all contact info. Each role is  needed on separate and specific dates through March. PAY ATTENTION TO DATES
Please put correct role in subject line. Each role is clearly defined below with pay rate. When submitting make sure you use the subject requested.

Seeking a rough and and tough African American Female to portray
Needs to have some acting ability!
Age 35-50
Rate: 64/8
Date: Tuesday Jan 31st
Location: Downtown ATL
Subject: MOM

Do not resubmit if you have already submitted
Seeking those with that cool/hip/tough New York style
Men and Women / 18 and over / Any Ethnicity
Rate: 64/8
Work Date: Mon Jan 30th
Location: Downtown ATL

Seeking Caucasian females ages 18-25
looking for those sassy looking girls that have a little attitude!
The creme de le creme of their college campus!
Rate: 64/8
Date: Monday Jan 30th
Location: Downtown ATL

Seeking cool and hip staff to work inside a record label office!
Any Ethnicity – Age 18-40
Rate: 64/8
Work Date: Tuesday Jan 31st
Location: Downtown ATL

Do you look like you are dripping money and do you love to gamble?
Men and Women / Any Ethnicity / Age 18-40
Rate: 64/8
Date: Feb 2nd/3rd
Location: Downtown ATL

Seeking Men with Hot suit s and girls with Cocktail dresses
Men and Women / Any Ethnicity / Age 18-60
Rate: 64/8
Date: Feb 1st OR Feb 2nd/3rd (2 day call)
Location: Downtown ATL

Seeking Sharp Businessmen – Cool Business Types
Men and Women / Ages 30-55 / Any Ethnicity
Dates: Feb 6th, 8th / March 30th, 31st/ April 1st
Must be available all dates
Rate: 64/8
Location: In and Around Atlanta

Seeking sharp looking Men and Women to be VIP guest of a high profile musician. Seeking a mix if business types and cool musicians!
Men and Women / Ages 20 and over / Any Ethnicity
Rate: 64/8
Date: Feb 6th
Location: Downtown
Subject: VIP GUEST

Seeking a man or woman that is an VERY experienced Vespa!
You do not need to own a vespa but if you do then note in email
Rate: 64/8
Date: Feb 1st
Location: Downtown ATL

Seeking an older gentleman with a fit body willing to wear a speedo
Any Ethnicity / Age 55 and over
Rate: 75/8
Date: Feb 14th
Location: Downtown Atl

Seeking experienced drivers with clean driving records
These need to have good NYC taxi driver looks
Rate: 64/8
Date: Monday Jan 30th
Location: Downtown ATL
Subject: TAXI

Seeking sexy hot males to hang at the pool
Possibly will be wearing speedo European type bathing suit
Date: Monday, Feb 6th
Rate: 150/8

Seeking girls with amazing bodies who wear bikinis on camera
Date: Monday, Feb 6
Rate: 175/8
Subject: BIKINI

Rate: 64/8
Date: Feb 2nd / 3rd
Must work both days
Location: Downtown ATL
Subject: Sheik

Seeking Men and Women to portray a range of backstage crew
Roadies all the way to PA’s
Rate: 64/8
Dates: Feb 7th, 8th, 10th, March 18th, 19th, 20th, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 30th, 31st, April 1st
Should be available most or all dates
Location: In and Around Atlanta
Subject: TECH CREW

Seeking a HUGE range of ethnicities and nationalities
Asian / Indian / Hispanic / Middle Eastern / Russians/ Europeans and more
Please list your ethnicity and nationality in body of email
Please pass along to your friends and families
Men and Women / 18 and over
Rate: 64/8
Work Date: Somewhere between Jan 30th – End of March
Location: In and Around Atlanta GA


If you are available and fit the description then please email
Include 3 pics (head, body and profile) age, ht, wt, and all contact info.
Subject: Please put correct role in subject line.


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6 Steps To Help You Break Into The Voice Over Acting Business.

I recently talked to a young man who was interested in doing voice over work for cartoons and movies. He was totally down on himself, assuming that because he came from poverty and had only completed high school that he had no chance of achieving his dreams at all. I reminded him of Kevin Clash, who provided the voice for Sesame Street’s Elmo. Back then there was no internet, Clash created his first puppet from the lining of his father’s coat and continued to pursue his passion when and how he could. Clash met his mentor, Stu Kerr and later went on to work on the captain Kangaroo show before being added to the Sesame Street cast in 1984.

The internet has made so many aspects of life easier, from shopping to paying our bills and getting high quality entertainment. Another thing it has done is give opportunities to people who would have otherwise never had them. YouTube and Vine are full of aspiring stars and talent who would never been noticed if not for the widespread popularity of the internet.

Had it not been for YouTube, Usher would have never been able to discover Justin Beiber. I’m not saying that posting a video of yourself performing any kind of talent will gain you instant fame but I can promise it is a big part of getting access to opportunities that used to be beyond your grasp.

Just like any other talent, you must work hard at yours, this is where the internet helps you most. If you want to break into voice over acting work I’d suggest the following things.

Whip Out Your Video Camera and Start Practicing.

Invest in a decent quality camera. Whether you want to keep your practice videos private or share them with the world, the easiest way to measure your growth is visually. Start practicing your different voices on camera. Create a few original characters, with voices and a background so that people can see that not only can you imitate known voices and characters, but create your own. Creating your own characters gives you an edge, it says you’re serious about your craft and that you’re innovative.  BONUS: If you post enough videos, get good enough or gain enough popularity you can monetize your YouTube page and make money off the ad revenue you generate. Get paid to practice your work before you ever even get a paying gig.

Start a Blog Chronicling Your Progress

Do you think you need to be an expert in something to start a blog? You really don’t, in fact, there are so many people who would love to follow your journey and enjoy your talents. Whether you fail or succeed at whatever your daily or weekly goals are there are people who will embrace you. We live in a world where people love a good story. If you’re a voice over artist it would be a great idea and benefit for you to have a multimedia blog site to share your story, journey and craft with the world. BONUS: Your blog will also give you the opportunity to make money.  Sign up for Google Adwords and as your blog gains popularity, you can gain funds.

Take Classes

Your voice is an instrument, like a piano or guitar and like an instrument, it must be fine-tuned. Sign up for a local acting class and get yourself a voice Coash. I know you’re not a singer but a voice coach can teach you to train your voice which is the key to perfecting the characters you create.

Hit Up Open Mic Night at Your Local Comedy Club

What better way to hone your talent and see how good people think you are then to practice in front of a live audience? Check out your local comedy club and talent showcases and sign up. What’s the worst that can happen? You know the best thing that can happen? They love you, someone offers you another opportunity, or you actually get discovered. Weirder things have happened.

Get Your Butt To a Professional

Every actor, even voice over actors need what’s called a reel when applying for gigs. Do some research and find someone in your area who can help you put together an audiovisual reel. Make sure you perform only your best characters, look presentable and if you have props use them. Try to remember to embody the character you portray and don’t be afraid to be animated. The other professional you need, an agent. To make it in the entertainment industry it’s imperative that you get an agent. An agent often has insider knowledge to auditions and roles that you won’t find on many casting sites.

Get Social

Get active on various social media platforms. Create your profile, upload your videos and photos and get to networking. Join some groups and meet others people in the entertainment industry. Take part in local networking events and become a part of your local arts community. There will be others in your network that can often give you tips about upcoming roles too.

Follow us on Twitter

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Open Casting Call For Disney’s Frozen – LA & Chicago

Disney’s Frozen is headed to  Broadway. Open  casting calls for dancers and  singers will be held in both Chicago and Los Angeles



Expected to hit the  stage in spring 2018,  Tony  Award-winning scenic and costume designer Christopher Oram along with  Tony Award-winning director Michael Grandage will both be working on the show.

Disney is  looking  for  experienced dancers over the age of 18 to audition in either  LA or Chicago January 12-14. Disney released the following statement

This Broadway-bound Frozen, a full-length stage work told in two acts, is the first and only incarnation of the tale that expands upon and deepens its indelible plot and themes through new songs and story material from the film’s creators. Like the Disney Theatrical Broadway musicals that have come before it, it is a full evening of theatre and is expected to run two and a half hours.

Written by a trio of Oscar® winners, Frozen features music and lyrics by the creators of the film score Kristen Anderson-Lopez (In Transit, Up Here) and EGOT-winner Robert Lopez (Avenue Q, The Book of Mormon, Up Here) and a book by Jennifer Lee (Wreck-It Ralph), the film’s screenwriter and director (with Chris Buck). Frozen won 2014 Oscars for Best Song (“Let It Go”) and Best Animated Feature.

Frozen’s director is Michael Grandage, a Tony Award® winner (Red) and director of three Olivier Award-winning Outstanding Musicals (Merrily We Roll Along, Grand Hotel and Guys & Dolls), and Tony winner Christopher Gattelli (Newsies, South Pacific, The King and I) is choreographer.





Don’t miss out on this  opportunity  of the lifetime to work with  such an  acclaimed director and costume designer as you travel the world with this amazing  show. Grab your resume, sheet music, dance shoes and  get your  butt in gear to head to one of these open calls.

Nervous? As the  words to the popular  song from  Frozen  goes, “let it go.” Go get that  part.

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Casting: TNT’s Animal Kingdom Seeking Extras In Oceanside.

TNT is  bringing Animal Kingdom back for  another season. Casting extras of all types who represent the atmosphere and people of the beach city of  Oceanside.

Seeking: Oceanside, CA locals of  all types

Compensation: Paid Shoot

Shoot Date: TBD Early 2017


This adrenaline-charged drama starring Emmy and Tony winner Ellen Barkin centers on a teenager who moves in with his freewheeling relatives in a Southern California beach town after his mother dies of an overdose. Drawn into the family’s life of excess, he soon discovers that it’s funded by criminal activities.

To submit  to be an  extra fill out this  submission  form.

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Casting: Turn “Washington Spies” Season 4 Casting Extras in Virginia.

AMC’s hit series TURN: Washington Spies is returning to Virginia to film it’s  final season. Filming will take place in Central Virginia and the greater Richmond area from January to May 2017. Extras Casting for Season Four will be done by Kendall Cooper Casting (Loving, Permanent, Krystal)

Seeking SAG and Non-Union talent.

Shoot Date(s): Monday – Friday (12+ hours a day) various dates from January to May 2017.

Compensation: Paid Shoot


TURN is seeking Caucasian, African American and Native American Men and Women of all ages to play various characters from the American Revolutionary War. Specifically looking for people with prior military experience and Caucasian Men ages 18-35 with shoulder length hair or longer.

 To submit

One close-up of face and
Two full body photos.
(Make sure your current hairstyle and length is clearly shown)

Forward resume if you have one or note  previous extra experience if any.  Required info also includes:

1. Name:
2. Phone Number:
3. Email Address:
4. City you Currently live in:
5. Are you a SAG / AFTRA member?: Yes or No
6. Age or Age Range:
7. Height:
8. Weight:
9. All Clothing Measurements:
(MEN: Suit Jacket, Pant, Waist, Shirt, Shoe)

*Men, please include your waist measurement (this is taken directly around the the middle of the torso), in addition to the Pant: waist/Inseam measurement that you currently wear*

(WOMEN: Dress, Pant, Shirt, Bust, Waist, Hip, Shoe)
10. Are you willing to be Clean Shaven? (Facial Hair):
11. Do you have any tattoos?: Briefly list location and size.
12. Do you have any Military Experience? If yes, briefly describe.
13. Have you worked on TURN before? If so, please list the Character(s) and Season(s).

14. Tell me a bit about your Availability Mon-Fri: (Pick One)
– Wide Open, Available Anytime
– Can be available at short notice
– Can be available with advanced notice
– Occasionally Available
– Not Available (or very difficult for me to be available)

Send all above information AND photos to

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