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Spotlight On Talent: This “Kydd” Has His Own Style

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    ilust logo


There are a lot of BLAZIN designers popping up all over the place. With the invention of sites like Instagram, facebook, Pinterest and Youtube we are are getting introduced to talented individuals we may have never even known existed. From city to city, coast to coast I want to shine the spotlight on those who impress me most. I will be bringing you interviews with some of the hottest established and up and coming clothing designers that I run across as I blaze my own path of fame across the net. Let’s get it on!! Time to meet one of them now.

Andre (Kydd)
Baltimore, MD
Born and raised in Baltimore, MD with a family that was pretty much by the statistics. Enriched in an environment that promoted growth only but the sheer determination of a mother too tired of the norm, Kydd was given the shot to focus on his  many talents.  That was the spark that started him on the path to become any and everything he would ever become. Nothing would be enough just because the thought of more existed. The only desire he ever had was to find something worth no longer existing, the smile at the end of any rainbow. Living a life worth of extinction.
ilust logo

ilust logo

Q1# I first became aware of your clothing brand about a year ago when another local model I had
attended some shoots with was rocking one of your shirts. How long have you actually been
building your brand?

Its been a little over two years now, and  I love it. A couple people actually ask to wear my clothing and that’s when I remember, I love what I do. So yea a rough two years. Something that started as a college hustle.

Q2# What inspired you to start designing clothes in the first place? Can you remember your first
finished piece of clothing? What was it?
 I won’t say I was inspired so much as I was given, well pushed into an opportunity. Like I said it was a college hustle, airbrushed tees were coming back and a my best friend were just working any hustle that could make money. That whole college experience with parties, drinks, and any other thing we thought people would notice. Just trying different skills and people noticed this one in particular. But the actual brand didn’t start until about a year after I left school and he calls me up like lets start a company. I mean neither of us had any real marketing experience, it was just a why not moment. Anyway— here we are.
But I will share a secret that keeps me going, as a kid I always dreamed of being in a gallery debut. With the way the art world has turned I guess this is my way of being seen no matter what. The only goal is to turn the world into my gallery. Aw man our first finished product I think was either a T-shirt with the skull and flower vines on it. Famous stars and stripes were big then don’t judge us.
ilust design

                    ilust design

Q3# You have a style that reminds me of anime yet you use a lot of pandas and animals as well
Can you tell us about your style and your love for pandas?
My style? That’s a complicated one, growing up I drew anime, furries, all of that kind of stuff. Even big ugly monsters, back then my imagination was my friend. I even had a decent comic collection. But for me art is about the vision, its a beautiful translation. For me its all art, the one language that connects any intellect. Something so basic of an understanding. But when you ask me about the animals and the pandas that is a whole other thing.
I love pandas, I mean really love them as a symbol of something beyond what they’re being. Name another creature that decides who I am is worth dying for, you cant change my mind, convince me or tempt me. Its been a long running joke that they die out because they wont reproduce, like that’s a big choice. Its a powerful statement, I am willing to go to extinction for my choice, one that they may not even understand they are making. When is the last time you met a person willing to not just die but have their way of living die because of what they believe. That’s something to aspire to but then again they are kinda cool with out that outlook.
Q4# You’re more than just a clothing designer I see, you’re a talented artist as well. How long have
you been an artist? Do you just draw or are you a painter as well?
I’ve been an artist all of my life, I don’t know how to be anything else. Creation is the most amazing thing I have ever been apart of. I use various mediums it really depends on the image but to list a few. Pencils, markers, color pencils, make up, water color, and fabric paint. I have yet to do a whole painting because that still scares me I mean there’s no real control, there’s just a passion. And discipline, and we know how urban folk are with that word right lol
lipstick design

lipstick design

Q5# Did I notice some poetry and writing by you on your facebook page as well?
Yes I write as well. Words are just another medium to create. My favorite parts of the day are creating some sort of reality from the fantasies of readers, I like making a place where people can be who they are. And some people listen better than they see.
Whatever vehicle works best for what I have to say, as long as people enjoy the journey.
Q6# Have you had a lot of success with your clothing line? Who is your dream celebrity
to dress?
The success has been enough for me. I love it when people put on something I made and they smile, in that way that feels like a perfect fit. I work with out measurements most times so a perfect fit to me is my success. I think my celeb client wishlist would include Skin Diamond and K. Michelle its that attitude and way of life I want to capture and recreate. I chase that feeling of I am who I am.
ilust models

ilust models

Q7# Where do you see your career in 5 years?
In 5 years I just hope to be remembered, or at least in the laundry bag still relevant.
Q8# Are you in school for anything pertaining to your talent? If not, are you planning to
No I tried school, it didn’t agree with me. Anything we want to learn is a choice. I was raised on dictionaries and encyclopedias. A little hard work and mostly punishments, you gotta rebel lol. Plus in this day and age with google plus a search bar I can take a weekend and learn anything I want.
Do you think you can and will achieve the level of success you want living in Baltimore or
do you see yourself relocating for your art?
Honestly as much as I love my city, I want to move. How can we learn if we don’t explore. Its all about what else can I do next, I’ve lived here my whole life there’s gotta be more to learn. Plus I can’t lie people aren’t as up to helping others succeed in this place. Most people I’ve run into either want to have a piece of what you built or if you doing better then they want to knock you back. I know at times I’m far too Utopian but I can’t believe this is all there is.
Q10# Where can people find your work and items ?
Ahhhh my favorite question…. people can buy product at or they can see it on IG @_iamlust_ but they can always contact me at for questions or custom orders. Its All Art.

stoner tee

stoner tee

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