LeLe XO – This Young Singer Is Soaring Straight To The Top Of The Charts.

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Name: LeLe XO

Age: 22

Talent: singer / songwriter

Hometown: Detroit

Brief Bio: The 22 year old singer/song-writer, never choosing comfort over fashion, is a walking expression of the original artist she is. A Sterling Heights, Michigan Native Amanda McCauley, traded in her given name for her stage name LeLe XO when starting her music career in 2013.

I have to say when I read the bio on your website I had to smile because I know what it’s like to live through an alter ego. LeLe is much spicier than Amanda, how’d you choose it for a stage name? What made you add the XO?
Haha it was a nickname given to me and it just stuck. I knew Macedonians that always said “LeLe auf lele” and I would just imitate them to be funny and then they just started calling me that. For example, if someone was walking down the street and fell, you could say “auf lele” .. It’s like an expression for “oh my god” so it fits me 🙂 the XO was added as a little spice and I needed a last name..

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You have the quintessential “one big break” story. Small town girl gets a chance meeting taking you to L.A. to perform at an event, you were such a hit that you packed up and moved to L.A. Have you ever regretted this move? What’s the best thing that’s come from your move?
I wouldn’t say I regret anything, it all comes with a story but the story isn’t what it seems. I’m currently back in Detroit and I’m still working my way up. Living in LA was a nice experience but also not what it appears to be. But, it also inspired the song Money$whore



How long have you known you were destined to rock the stage? At what age did you start performing?
I’ve been performing on stages since I was in elementary school. Even before that I used to dance on my couch and table to Britney Spears and the spice girls.. So I’d say I’ve always known (smiles)

Before moving to L.A. Had you ever cut a demo or been a part of any singing groups?

Yeah I was actually in a rock cover band called Hot Rod which was a good time. We jammed in a basement and played at some bars.

Musically what artist have been your biggest inspirations? Who would be your dream collaboration?
There’s been so many throughout my life. Lady gaga was the biggest one for the longest time, along with Paramore but now I’m really into Lana Del Rey, the Weekend, volumes, Amy Winehouse, and I’m getting into a lot of iconic music.

How would you describe your music?

Sometimes I don’t know how to describe it because there’s so many different elements in it. It definitely is a mysterious pop vibe with a splash of r&b and/or alternative sometimes. My website definitely shows the different characters I become.

Money Whore, Wine and Dine, Sugar Daddy…. all titles of your singles. What’s your favorite line from each song?
Oooooo that’s a good question. Well, they all go hand in hand and I crack up every time I listen to them.
Money $ Whore- “Fly me in a private jet, be my little bitch, be my little pet”
Sugar Daddy- “You know I used you so bad, you know my life is so sad”
Wine and Dine- “Neck full of pearls, mind full of cash. Drive in theater, hand full of ass”
– They all go hand in hand. They are all leaning off of the love of money and power with a condescending tone.

You stay quite busy with events, just recently you performed at the Goodlyfe Designer Fashion show in Atlanta. How do you manage your busy schedule with time to write and work on your music?
Sometimes it’s hard because when your in one mode you want to keep doing the same thing. If you’re recording every day, you want to keep recording. If you’re writing, you want to keep writing. But I love all of it and different experiences lead to new songs.

If someone is just discovering you today what would you want them to know about you the most?
I want them to know that there’s a story. Don’t just look at the surface.

Where can people buy your music and keep up with your career?

Everything is linked to my website iamlelexo.com

Snapchat LeLeXO


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