Model of the Month – Nina Nephertity

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Name: Nina Nephertity

Location: Harvey, IL

Age: 35

Measurements: 34-30-40


Nina Nephertity began her modeling career a little less than a year ago.  She’s always aspired to walk the runway and strut my stuff with style. She is confident that what she brings is needed in this industry and separates her from the rest. Published in Gospel Culture Magazine, Nina has also walked in the Education Runway Chicago and Live Out Loud fashion shows in Chicago.


Sapphire: Even though you’re relatively new to the modeling industry, you’ve wasted no time jumping and getting your feet wet. How did you get into the modeling industry?

Nina Nephertity: Nine9 Unagency was very helpful with my start.  I kept living life on a contingency plan that after I do this, then I’ll do that.  Years passed and I looked up to have never pursued this path. So I used google to seek help on how to start. And there I found Nine 9. Through education and online casting information I landed my 1st walk in a fashion show in over 20 years. I did a little something in high school but that was all. I was not as strong as I am now to deal with the model industry. I have since then taken a hiatus from Nine9 but I plan on returning back this month.

Sapphire: It’s a pretty impressive feat, as a new model, to have walked in so many fashion shows in such a short time. To what do you credit the opportunities you’ve encountered? What makes you stand out from other models?

Nina Nephertity: Social media has played a major role in me getting so much exposure and experience, especially the different Facebook model groups. But I have to take time to pat myself on the back. My drive, my determination, my passion and my sacrifice are all responsible in me gaining opportunities to walk in many fashion shows in such a short time.  On many occasions, I leave a fashion show only to go straight to my night job.

My Big personality, my unforgettable walk, my contagious positive attitude that brings good energy into any atmosphere I enter, my extreme versatile style and looks (I OWN IT…I’M ME)

the connection I am able to make with every designer that fosters a beautiful working relationship because I want to meet and exceed their expectations so I seek to learn their preferences on my look (hair, makeup, accessories, shoes, etc) serving as their muse,

my gift to do hair and makeup (I COME READY…if needed)

my humbleness to appreciate people, my experiences and every opportunity

my love for the creative arts of photography and modeling.

I’m daring but yet traditional

I’m edgy but yet simply

I’m sexy but always classy


Sapphire: Congratulations on making it into print already, another impressive feat for an up and coming model. How did you land your appearance in Gospel Culture Magazine? Where can people grab a copy?

Nina Nephertity: I count my appearances in the Gospel Culture mazagine as a blessing. You can find me in photo twice… (1) as one of the t shirt models for Education Runway Chicago and (2) a member of the ERC model group ( that’s my daughter on my side)The publication is yearly (Fall/Winter) and here’s a link to the digital magazine: Oh did I forget to mention on pg.15 about my spoken word piece. (Yes, multi-talented) also my first publication.


Sapphire: Model and brand ambassador as well, you’re the face of Shear Gold designs by Annette Evans. What can you tell us about Shear Gold?

Nina Nephertity: Shear Gold Fashions by Ms. Annette. Wow I am still in awe that I am her Brand Ambassador. We have worked together several times and she asked me to be her featured model for the Red Carpet Concierge International (RCCI) 2017 Chicago Oscar’s Event where she was nominated for best designer.  She won that evening and the following morning announced that I was officailly the face of her brand. She is based out of Westchester, IL. Ms. Annette has been sewing since high school. Her specialities include but are not limited to: men’s clothing,  women, children, upholstery (car) boots & shoes, casual, athletic, swim, lingerie,  etc. She is a featured designer in the magazine that I included in this email which offers more details of her humbled beginnings ( see #3)

Follow her on Fb: Shear Gold Fashions 


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Sapphire: You’ve spoken openly about wanting to give back to your community, you’ve worked with Education Runway Chicago and Live Out Loud. Both are Chicago based community oriented programs. Why is giving back so important to you?

Nina Nephertity: My desire to give back is strong because it’s my purpose in life. Love is a powerful tool and my compassionate heart to feel another’s joys and sorrows is not an accident. Many of our youth are hurting.  I want to be a positive influence and if ever I become someone’s role model I want to be worthy of the title.  It’s no secret that Harvey, IL has changed but I intend to lend my hand in rebuilding my home town. Change starts with self and I’ll use the platform giving through modeling to spread love, promote paying forward selfless acts, and encourage dreaming in our youth. I desire to be a super hero instead of a villain in the story of life.

Sapphire: What would you consider your career ultimate goal as a model?

Nina Nephertity: Tough question which almost brought me to tears because my answer is not fame nor is it financial security (although both are very fine answers). Yes I want to be a household name, be featured in the top fashion magazines, work with the greats in the game but what legacy will I leave behind? what difference would I have made? My ultimate goal is to impact the world by becoming a voice of hope and love. My ultimate goal is to spread love, and let my light shine that it inspires others,  it encourages others to fearlessly go after their goals, and promotes self love.


Sapphire: Besides modeling, what other talents and interests do you explore?

Nina Nephertity: At the moment, I am focusing all my attention on modeling.  I am a spoken word artist, an actress, a makeup artist, a singer/rapper a praise dancer, a hair stylist a host/speaker and an entrepreneur. I am self taught. In the last three years I have been in over 4 plays (most recently portraying Rosa Park in a 2017 Black History Month Program )and 5 skits, I have performed my spoken work piece at least 5 times to large audiences, I have choreographer 3 praise dance routines, taught them and performed them on three different occasions. I have done my makeup for majority of all my photoshoots and a few model faces. I have written and recorded a few songs (none have even been released and yes I got a HOT 16 for you…lol) I have done my hair for many of the fashion shows (installation of braids, styling of natural hair , and making wigs, etc.) I have hosted a couple events like a poetry slam. I have been a speaker at a few Head Start functions like 2015 Illinois Head Start 50th year Celebration at Springfield, IL State Capital Rotunda as the main speaker and 2015 Illinois Head Start Region IV Leadership Conference as a voice of hope for the program and as a parent/recipient of the benefits of the program (at the time I served as 2013-2015 Illinois Parent Ambassador, 2014-2015 Chair of the Head State Cook County Policy Council and 2013-2015 Harvey’s Policy Council Representative. I own two businesses. I am a Mary Kay Consultant and a Romance Enhancer Consultant ( that means I am a distributor of bedroom toys and accessories).

I love that I possess many talents but RIGHT NOW all my energy is set on my modeling

Sapphire: How do you balance your career, community work and motherhood?

Nina Nephertity: Parenting is my first priority. In the last year, I started working a night job and I’m a Libra so learning and maintaining balance is always of concern. I put God first and it helps me to keep a healthy perspective on life.  My modeling career is done between time off work and during the hours I should be catching up on rest….I know it’s a sacrifice but I want this. Community work has fallen by the waist side but that’s temporary. I am a mentor for a non-profit organization The D.A.R.K Brown Girl Chrysalis Program. I haven’t been participating much since my start at modeling but with balance that will change.

So I guess my response is I am still seeking balance and being gentle with myself through the process.


Sapphire: If your 7-year old daughter wanted to be a model, what advice would you give her about the industry?

Nina Nephertity:  I would advise my daughter to guard her good heart, love in spite of the circumstances and the people, be true to yourself, practice integrity because hard work does pay, and give your best

Sapphire: Where can people follow your work? If someone wanted to book you, how can they contact you?

Nina Nephertity: People can follow me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM: Nina Nephertity

I can be reached by


PHONE: (708) 612- NINA (6462)

That’s cool,  right









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