Model of the Month: Tanisha Cardwell

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Name: Tanisha Cardwell

Location: DMV area

Age: 22

Measurements: 36 C-27.5-37.5

Weight: 122 lbs

Height: 5ft 2in

Tanisha is a 22 year old driven and ambitious young woman. She attends the University of Maryland College Park and majors in Business Finance. Currently she is on her senior year and expects to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree of Science in May of 2017.  Tanisha is a very friendly, adventurous, go with the flow person. She enjoys taking random walks in the summer, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family. Even so Tanisha does not lose sight of her goals and holds stern to her morals.


At a young age Tanisha developed an interest in modeling and acting. She loved the thought of getting dolled up and captured in her most beautiful light. As she got older she learned to love the career for reasons that were more meaningful . In addition to the glitz and glamor perceived lifestyle models and actresses live they hold power in their influence over the current society. Although not as powerful as music artist, models and actresses have the ability to control, to a certain extent, what society craves to ascertain. She realizes her people need help and she wants to be in a position where she has the resources to help.


When I first saw you I wanted you for the site immediately. I love diversity and your style and poses both caught my eye right away. How long have you been modeling and how did you get started in the industry?

I started modeling back in August of last year, 2016. So not that long really. I’ve always wanted to act/model since a young age but I could never find the time to dedicate to honing the craft. Additionally modeling and acting schools wanted to much money so I just focused on sports and school. It wasn’t until a guy approach my friends and I at a club that I reached back into this long lost hobby of mine. I know sounds a little weird right? A guy at a club, but he proved to be a good dude. I’m glad I met him.

Beautiful and athletic, coming from a family of athletes, you were very involved in sports for quite some time. Which sports do you play? What’s your favorite?

So I’ve played so many sports throughout the years. I’ve played basketball, soccer, tennis, softball, ran track, was a cheerleader, did pom poms, even tried out for the football in high school. However I must say my favorite is soccer. I always felt so free on the soccer field. Basketball is the sport my parents invested the most in because of the area we lived in but basketball was just too serious for me. I didn’t love it. I just played it because I liked it and my parents liked it.


You’re a DEVOUR’E DOLLS model, can you tell us more about the company and how long you’ve been working with them?

Devour’e is about 2 years old now. The CEO and my manager/partner is Brandon Sims. He has put a lot of energy in trying to build an empire that encompasses all kinds of models with many styles and backgrounds. His main priority when it comes to new models is loyalty and dedication. I started working with the company back in March of last year, 2016, but really could not do much until August because of school and my internship. The company is still in its infancy stages, building a strong team and stable asset base. We are still in the process of finding qualified candidates to join the company. As the COO of the company I’m working to improve our marketing efforts and expand our reach. By this time next year we want to be at least 10 large steps ahead of where we are now.

You have some very diverse themes to your shoots. For those unfamiliar, can you explain the story behind your “Miser Sisters” shoot? How do you choose the themes for your shoots?

 One thing about me is the fact that I am a VERY holiday spirited individual. I will probably be one of those people who goes to the extreme, decorating their home for every holiday when I get older. When I did that shoot it was of course for Christmas. I have this thing for cartoons. I love them so much. I’m a big kid honestly. So I’ve seen every cartoon associated with Christmas and every single year I simply cannot wait for them to pull out the old Christmas specials. Well I happened to be scrolling through some Google photos and saw this woman painted with blue, purple and white paint. It looked so pretty and I wanted to do something simpler. About a week later I watched the Miser brothers Christmas special and thought I can form a Christmas concept from this one little paint shoot I want to do. Thus the idea was born! I even dragged my sister who isn’t a model into my shenanigans so my idea could be complete.

When choosing themes I always try to be as creative as possible. When I first started modeling I was shooting boring, no real concept, shoots. Just look pretty shoots i call them. It was difficult for me to get my facial expressions together and I wouldn’t know how to pose. This went on for about 2 months until I shot with this one photographer. In the middle of the shoot he said be free. I said are you sure, like what do you mean by be free? He said do what you feel and that was it for me. I never turned back after that. I move how I want, do what I feel and some of the best shots come from that. I’m so thankful for having shot with that photographer. He really expedited my growth through those simple instructions.

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Recently, you were spotted as an extra on TV ONE’s “For My Man.” Congrats, how did you snag that awesome opportunity? Any more television work coming up?

Thank you Thank you. I found that opportunity on a casting site that a good friend of mine got me involved on. I really do owe that to him because that site helped me make some valuable connections. I do have a lead role on that show coming up on March 27th so I’m excited about that. I also did some extra work for a movie that I can’t really talk about, but yeah when I can I’ll let you know more about that.


Model, actress… You’re studying Criminal Justice, right? What motivated you to want to be a defense attorney? How much longer do you have left in school?

Well its cool that you mentioned that. My original plan was to major in Business Administration and upon graduation I would take the LSAT and enroll into law school. I wanted to be an attorney because ever since I was a young girl people would tell me I good debating skills I should become a lawyer. I choose defense because I felt there was more room for better pay in the private industry.

During my junior year at the University of Maryland 2 people in the same week, through random conversations,advised me not to become an attorney. They said it was too much work for the little opportunities there are now-a-days and it was then that I shifted directions a bit. Instead of Business acting as my second/fall back major it became my number one and now I will be graduating with a degree in Finance in May of this year, 2017.

Are there any other talents you’re hiding from us? If not modeling, how would you be expressing your creativity?

I can dance and pretty well I might add. I’m pretty sure that was a skill passed down from my father. When I go out to clubs with my friends I dance from arrival to departure. Its funny because I don’t drink nor do I smoke but I have this natural high about myself that enables me to bring life and great energy where ever I am. But other than that I think you’ve touched on the many facets of my talents.

Is Maryland it for you or do you have aspirations of moving out of the state to pursue your passions?

Eventually I want to move down south, to Georgia maybe. It’s becoming a huge production capitol and it’s not saturated with talent yet. But I’m not sure just yet because I plan to practice finance until my acting/modeling career takes off and pay for white collar jobs is not the same in the south.

How do you manage to balance all of the things you have going on right now between acting, modeling and  school?

Honestly it is rough. I didn’t sleep very much last semester and some night my studying slacked off a bit. But it’s all going to pay off when I flip across that stage in May.


What advice would you give to other aspiring models?

I would tell them to work hard. Modeling is not all about shooting and looking pretty. There are so many beautiful people in this world you need to be more than just beautiful. Develop something about you that will make people pay to include you in their work. Be you’re own kind of special and market that.

Where can  people follow your work? How  can someone book you for a  shoot or  role?

The best way to reach out to me would be through my Instagram, @heretoasto_nish , and it reads “here to astonish” I just separated the asto and the nish part as a play on words because my name is taNISHa but no one ever gets that, or through my email

Thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to speak to your readers!! I greatly appreciate your support and look forward to staying in contact!


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