Resources For Musicians

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On this page I’m going to  do My best to  keep updated resources  for  people in the  musical  entertainment field.  If there is a link to a website or  resource that you’d like to share feel free to send them over to  Me at

Websites To Showcase, Sell  & Promote Your Music

Reddit Music

The homepage of the underground, Reddit is arguably the biggest thing on the internet. You may not know this, but many of the viral things you see online made it to Reddit first, and that’s why musicians need to familiarize themselves with the Reddit Music thread. The grassroots-style community for content sharing allows musicians to get a genuine feel for how their music is being perceived by audiences.


A rapidly growing mobile and desktop app that takes the listening experience to a whole new level. Spotify has almost every recorded artist on their libraries, so you would absolutely want to be there too. With their super-amazing Discover tool for finding new artists, your channel might get connected with bigger names that play similar music.

Last FM

Once you upload your tunes to Last FM, their smart radio knows where to play them and how to match them with the musical tastes of their users. You get a targeted audience that is keen on discovering new sounds. They also have a Royalty Program that guarantees you actually earn with every listening.


Rdio is not just an online radio – it has real power in the music industry. Rdio caters to a user base that is truly passionate about music and about constantly discovering new artists – and that’s why you want to get on that train.


Considered one of the highest-quality music streaming platforms right now, Earbits is very kind to both musicians and listeners. They have a “social currency” system that encourages users to share the music they hear on Earbits and rewards them for it. They currently have more than 100,000 tracks available – big enough to bring in a lot of users, but not yet too crowded so your tunes can still stand out


SoundCloud players reach 200 million listeners worldwide. To put it simply, SoundCloud is way too big for any aspiring musician to ignore. The beauty of this platform is that it lets you stream your music and share it very easily on almost any interface.

Websites to Distribute Your Music

Cd Baby

CD Baby & Tunecore are the internet’s foremost digital distributors, getting your album into massive online retailers like Amazon, iTunes, and more.

CD Baby taps you into a wide array of online music services for your fans to get music from, including iTunes, Google Music, iHeartradio, all the way to online radio giant Spotify (and more). If you supply them with a few of your physical CD’s (assuming you have some, which might be rare in this day and age), they will even sell your music through their own retail storefront (in addition to their digital shop as well).


TuneCore provides a very similar service, taking all the hassle out of submitting music to many of the digital retailers mentioned above in much the same way as CD Baby does (except for the physical CD bit; TuneCore is totally in the digital, ones and zeroes, Matrix side of the music business)

TuneCore, however, takes a flat fee yearly to host your album . Every year, there is a charge to TuneCore for each of your albums, no matter how many you sell, but doesn’t take anything else off what you’ve sold. That is the best and worst part about it, though: If you sell 1,000,000 copies of your album, you’ve only have to worry about the nominal flat fee every year, but if you only sold one copy (it happens), then you are stuck paying, year after year, regardless of your unpopularity.


The high water mark of selling…well, anything, is having your product ready to purchase right from the worlds #1 online retailer: Amazon.  Amazon is the first destination for buying physical CD’s like the ones stashed in thirty or so boxes around your living room.

While worthwhile, getting your CD on Amazon is tricky and a bit costly, but there is something magical about seeing your stuff on it’s own page, in the same forum as your favorite releases, up for all the world to see.


Since they’ve included a option to sell your merchandise right alongside your physical and digital wares, it’s become a true one stop shop for your fans to easily buy your music. They’ve also included analytics to track how many views your pages gets, who is buying your music and where they are from. They’ve thought of everything, and are working around the clock to include it all.

Websites To Get Help Funding Your Next Project

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Pledge Music

PledgeMusic is one of the more popular and well established crowdfunding sites out there for musicians.

Sell A Band

Sell A Band is one of the most successful fundraising sites dedicated to music artists

Artiste Connect

They provide a great fundraising portal which connects fans and investors with up and coming musicians.


Oocto is an “all or nothing” funding portal which connects investors with musicians. They are both a crowdfunding as well as crowdsourcing website.

Feed The Muse

Even the smallest donations can go a long way, especially for a talented musician just starting out. At Feed the Muse their slogan is “Fueling Creativity $1 at a time“


TuneFund is one of the newer kids on the block so to say.

Artist Share

They are the longest running fan funding platform for musicians online.

Websites To Share & Promote Your Music & Marketing  Tools

Bandpage tools apps and widgets for band websites

TopSpin Topspin Media is a technology company that provides direct-to-consumer retail and marketing software for musicians, filmmakers, artists, authors, and other content creators.

Bandzoogle Bandzoogle provides online tools for musicians to build a professional website, promote their music, and sell directly to fans

Cashmusic provides online tools for musicians to build a professional website, promote their music, and sell directly to fans

The Appreciation Engine  tool for tageting the right people to promote your music to.

FanBridge  Fan Growth and Marketing Made Simple …Grow your fan base with FanBridge. Email management and social media optimization made easy.

Reverbnation is an online platform, launched in 2006, that develops technology used by the music industry, including artists, managers, labels, venues and festivals, for promotion, content management and cross-media licensing opportunities

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