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Spotlight on Talent: DH DaHitWryter, Wordsmith and Host with the Most.

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Dionne  Halsey is a song writer, event host and mental health/self care advocate. She’s also the co-founder of Heal Baltimore and Creativity and Conscious Sippin, Dionne currently co-creates events that bring people together to support art and to give back to their communities. Dionne also hosts a popular variety show in Baltimore called #ThursdayNightRealness and facilitates workshops that focus on mental health and self care. Let’s take a  minute to  get to  know her a little better.



Sapphire: I was initially drawn to you because of your drive. I first noticed you as an event hostess. I was pleasantly surprised to find out you had much more to offer. In three sentences or less, how would you pitch yourself. Who are you?

DaHitWryter: First let me thank you for this interview. Alright so, I’m a motivator, team player and creator. I build, create and work with others to do the things that align with my purpose, and provide positive change.

Sapphire: You’re so diverse and I love it. You originally got your start in music. How did you get into song writing? Was writing always a hobby or passion for you?

DaHitWryter: Writing is so therapeutic for me. I wrote my first song for church when I was about 9. Then I got consumed with my first love, basketball. So I actually started writing consistently again when I was in high school. I actually would write for my peers and hang on my front porch and write and spit verses with the guys in my neighborhood.



Sapphire: You been lucky enough to work inside the music industry as well learning more about the industry. These days you even guest host and interview some cool people. What have you learned from working inside the music industry?

DaHitWryter: Working in the music industry, I learned about the business and most importantly I learned a lot about what’s for me, and what’s not for me. It’s important to be self aware when you are constantly around others and exchanging energy.

Sapphire: Do you prefer to be in the spotlight or more behind the scenes? Why

DaHitWryter:  I actually prefer to be behind scenes because I love supporting others and seeing other people take my words and give them life when I write a song or some other piece for them.

Ressurecting Queens

Resurrecting Queens

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Sapphire: You have many artistic talents, I love that you nurture them. How long have you been doing graphic arts? Was it hard to learn the craft?

I’ve been doing graphic arts, without realizing it, for over 10 years. I’ve always been the type to play around with gadgets and take things apart and put them together so once I taught myself the program, making flyers and all that, became easy. It definitely saves and creates additional income for me.

Sapphire: You are co-creator of Heal Baltimore and Creativity and Conscious Sippin, what can you tell us about these organizations and how you became involved?

DaHitWryter: Heal Baltimore came about after the riots that took place in Baltimore. It was actually an uprising as well. I kept saying the affirmation Heal Batimore so I reached out to my business partners and said, hey, would you be interested in putting together events that support and give back to our communities? And they were all in. We have artistic events, and we put together drives to collect things for those who need them. CCS is a mobile paint and sip company. We bring the sip and paint to your home, office, bar or wherever we are needed. Another business partner of mine was looking for ways to incorporate her artwork into her brand. So we did research and reached out to a company for her to work with. At the time they didn’t have any openings so I encouraged her to start her own company and ended up becoming a business partner. We also put together artistic events for the public too.

Sapphire: As someone diagnosed with mental illness Myself, I was extremely drawn to your need to share your story of battling depression. I’m glad that you got the help you needed. How has battling depression affected your life?

DaHitWryter: Battling depression would always have an effect on me being consistent with my career. There were times where I just wanted to sleep all day and let life pass by.

Sapphire: In the Black community, mental illness is generally overlooked or downplayed. We are told to            Suck it up, pray and the like. How supportive was your family and inner circle when they found out You were battling with mental illness?

DaHitWryter: My inner circle really stepped up once I revealed that I was feeling depressed and suicidal. At the time, I had a partner who went to the end of the world for me, and I cherish her for that. My family didn’t really know because I shutdown after coming to a family member about it and it not being taken serious. That family member was depressed too.

Sapphire:  What’s up next for you? What can fans expect to see from DaHitWryter?

DaHitWryter: Fans can expect more hosting, workshops about mental health and self care, motivational speaking, and new music! More businesses and merchandise too.

Sapphire:  How can people keep up with your work? Drop them links on us.

DaHitWryter: I’m big on hashtags so if you’re on Twitter, IG or Facebook it’s @DH_DaHitwryter or just plug in #TheDHExperience. To hear music from me as a lyricist and also a songwriter, check me out at www.soundcloud.com/dhdahitwryter. My website will be returning soon. Thanks again Queen and to all those supporting.

new music

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Spotlight on Talent: Abman Glaster, CEO, Urban Legend Media

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Urban Legend Media Is The Newest Trend In News, Entertainment & Advertising that prides itself on being a publication that targets anyone that is influenced by urban culture. It’s  CEO, Abman  Glaster is an  author, publisher and advocate. Let’s get to know him a little better.


Sapphire: There’s so much I want to talk to you about but first in three sentences or less, how would you pitch yourself. Tell us who you are?

 Abman: I am the face of change. A story of overcoming life’s adversities. An author/publisher/screenplay writer, who likes to create exciting works that far exceed any certain demographic.

Sapphire: I just love your story, I love to see people overcome their struggles to succeed in life. Before we get to your success story, let’s discuss your start. You’ve spent quite a good amount of time in and out of the legal system. What led you to a life of crime and what caused you to change your life?

Abman: It’s the typical story of a minority youth growing up on the streets of America’s inner cities. Growing up in adverse economic conditions lead me to selling drugs. For me, the justice system has been effecting my life since the age of 12, up until my current age of 41. I’ve spent a total of 16 years inside, and I’ve recently completed a 108-month federal prison sentence. During that time, which was my fourth trip to prison, I made a vow to just continuously strive to reach my fullest potential. That was my moment of metamorphosis. My paradigm shift.

Sapphire: How did you start your publishing company?

Abman: While serving this last prison sentence I wrote my first book. Because of already having operated my own small business, a beauty and hair supply store in Jersey City, I just had the mindset that I wanted to control everything with my projects. So, after writing 3 novels in 11 months, I begin to consider all the avenues to get my book in print. Published my first book, ‘Foreign Exchange’ in 2008 while at USP, Terre Haute, and there you have the birth of Urban Legend Presents/Urban Legend Media. A very interesting journey, learning the ropes of the publishing industry.

Sapphire: Who are some of the authors you’ve worked with and how can a writer get published through Urban Legend Media.

Abman: Most notable are Wahida Clark of WCP and Michelle Fletcher of LaFemmeFatale. Whether an author is looking for a traditional, or self-publishing arrangement, they can visit urbanlegendmedia.org, and under get published they’ll be able to start the process.

stormy winter promo flyer2

Sapphire: You seem to have an interest in digital video. Is that something you will be bringing to ULM as it grows? What kind of projects can we expect?

Abman: Absolutely. My literary journey has lead me to add grant writing, and screenplays to my repertoire, and since screenplay writing has come into the fold, I’ve been on a relentless pursuit to bring my unique vision to the world thru visual medium. I think its inherent in fiction writers, the idea of seeing their works being created into film. Currently we are gearing up to begin filming One’s Pleasure: Another’s Pain, a short film that delves into the lives of identical twins, Winter and Summer, and how Summer’s pain always comes at the hands of Winter’s pleasure.

Sapphire: Since being released from prison, you’ve set up GETTING OUT AND STAYING OUT as a way to offer resources to other felons scheduled for release. Can you tell us more about your organization? How can someone help you by volunteering or offering donations and resources? .

Abman: My organization is being established as a 501(c) (3) non-profit, designed to help soon-to-be released prisoners overcome the challenges that await them upon release. Because I have personally experienced how the impact of a criminal record prevents many ex-offenders from obtaining employment, housing, health insurance, and higher education, I understand how difficult it is for the most well-intentioned individual to keep on the right path and STAY OUT of the criminal justice system. Therefore, GETTING OUT AND STAYING OUT is committed to connecting soon-to-be released prisoners to the critical resources they’ need in order to be successful in transitioning back into society.


Abman Glaster

Sapphire: With all the things that you do, it’s hard to imagine that you dropped out of school in the 7th grade. You went back and gained your GED later, and attended college courses, would you advise a child to drop out and follow your path or stay in school and follow a traditional path? Why?

Abman: I was always a kid that excelled in school, but it was just that I hardly went. There’s a certainty that comes with dropping out of school, and that is the probability of traveling down a vicious path of imprisonment. A cycle that destroys our neighborhoods, corrupts our children, and lays waste to entire communities. So, young boys and girls, please stay in school. In more than 90% of cases, the outcome of your life directly depends on your education.

Sapphire: What advice would you give to aspiring authors who feel like the process of becoming an author is too hard?

Abman: It’s always easier said than done. LOL. But I’d say just hang in there. Try to build schedules for writing time. The only way to get over writer’s block is to write, and don’t force it. Let the creativity lead you.

Sapphire: If not this, then what? If you weren’t in the field of media, what could you see yourself doing for a living? Any hidden talents?

Abman: At one point I was really interested in computers, so something in that field.

Sapphire:  Where can people keep up with Urban Legend Media?


Check us out at: www.urbanlegendmedia.org

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urbanlegend

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ulm2017/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ulm2017

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/urban-legend-media-2b82856b/

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/

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Sapphire’s Spotlight on Talent Will be at the DMV Media Alliance Seminar.

I’m coming  out  the house this weekend and I  can’t wait to hit this event.  It’s like a coming out  event  for Me, so many people  know of Me  but have never  Me. I’ve been out the  house recently more in Baltimore. This  past weekend  I had My second radio interview in two weeks to promote this site as well as My other  business ventures. I’ve been asked to come back and co-host on  March 31st.

At The Artist Exchange Radio Show  www.BeExposedRadio.com

At The Artist Exchange Radio Show


At The Artist Exchange Radio Show  www.BeExposedRadio.com

At The Artist Exchange Radio Show www.BeExposedRadio.com

This Sunday I’m all geared up for the DMA

DMV Media Alliance

DMV Media Alliance


I’ll be in the building with  business cards, fliers and promo issues of Experience Reality Magazine. I hope to meet some new fans, and contacts. I love My job, in fact, I interviewed one of the  panel members, Brave Williams, for a magazine cover last year.

Experience Reality Magazine

Experience Reality Magazine

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Spotlight On Talent: Latonia “Shostoppa” Martin

Name: Latonia Martin

Location: Chicago

Measurements: 5’7″ 240lbs 42-46-48

Latonia “Shostoppa” Martin is an up and coming model and actress out of Chicago Illinois. A plus size model, Latonia is hoping to help change the way plus models are perceived in the industry. Also a budding actress, Latonia shows her diversity as she makes her way up the ladder.

Shostoppa 1

Sapphire: I appreciate you taking time out your busy schedule to sit down and talk to me. How long have you been in the entertainment industry? How did you get your big break?

Latonia: Actually, I just got into the entertainment industry in November of last year. I got my big break at my runway graduation from Chocolate Modeling Academy, when Shettima Web, another plus size model, opened the doors to opportunity for me.

Sapphire: When we met, I thought you were just a model, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you’re an actress as well. Can you tell us about Undercover Detectives?


Latonia: Undercover Detectives is a show about corrupt detectives that will be starting soon. It is directed by April Whitaker, I play the part of Patience. The cast is currently on a radio tour to promote the show, we most recently did Intellectual Radio with Brandi Love in Chicago.

Sapphire: Inquiring minds would like to know,  how did you get the name “Shostoppa”?

Latonia: A group of my friends gave it to me for my comedy and clothes when I come in people look at me so I’m the Shostoppa.

Sapphire: How long have you been working with the Plushsize Modeling Agency? How did you end up joining the team?

Latonia: I’ve been with them only for a few weeks. By chance meeting I met Felicia, who owns the agency. We hit it off and she scooped me up for her agency and pus sized magazine.

plush size

Sapphire: As a plus sized model have you found the modeling industry to be open and welcoming? What is your biggest challenge as a plus model?

Latonia: Many Designers still have to learn to work with diversity, the industry and world is changing as we speak.

Sapphire: You looked beautiful at your Scholarship 2017 event. For those unfamiliar with the event, can you tell us about it?

Latonia: I’ve been a part of St. John Grand Chapter in Chicago for 17 years.  We raise money to give scholarships to High school Seniors towards college. Every February we have a large banquet

Sapphire: Are you more of a tomboy or a girly girl? How would you describe your style?

Latonia: Both actually. I can go to 0 to 100 real quick, switching from a fully beat face to gym shoes and jeans

Sapphire: What advice would you give to young girls who aspire to be models even though they don’t fit the traditional standards of the modeling industry?

Latonia: Learn to take constructive criticism you will be told no. You have just keep going and put God first

Sapphire: What’s next for Ms. Shostoppa? What can fans look forward to seeing from you in the near future?

 Latonia: I’m planning to make My way to New York Fashion Week, see the Bulls play and  to  hone my acting talents


Sapphire: How can someone book you and keep up with your work?

Latonia: latoniasec@gmail.com or plushsizeagency@gmail.com.

IG @shostoppadamodel

Twitter    @shostoppadamodel

G+ Latonia Martin


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Spotlight On Talent: Nafrini

Nafrini is a Conscious Hip Hop artist hailing from the Midwest, on a mission to bring back authentic storytelling and substance to the art form of Hip Hop. In the spring of 2015 she released ‘All Day (Promo)’, a freestyle over Kanye West’s track of the same name where she addressed the braggadocio nature of rap music. She followed that up in the winter of 2015 with her first official single ‘In My Hands’—a laid back hip hop record detailing the obstacles of her spiritual journey followed by the release of the ‘In My Hands’ music video in the spring of 2016.

Nafrini 1

Nafrini 1

In the Fall of 2016 she released her second single ‘Lovin’ Him (That Was That Bullshit)’ detailing a past relationship that ended in regret. 2017 promises the next chapter in that tale with new music & visuals, live performances and as always, a focus on telling true-to-life stories.



Sapphire: You’re  extremely multi talented, model, musician, actress, is there any talent you wish you had but don’t? If you had to pick one of you talents to focus on for the next 5 years, which would it be?
Nafrini: Thank you. I really wish I knew how to play the guitar. It’s my favorite instrument next to the drums to hear on a track, but I cannot play lol. If I had to pick 1 talent to focus on for the next 5 years it would be music hands down! It’s one of my first loves next to writing and now that things are moving in that area I’d prefer to put more energy that way.

Sapphire: Your  music,  while giving the hip hop crowd what it wants, also manages to tell deep stories of love, growth, pain, and betrayal. Where  do you come up with the inspiration for your songs? Which of your  current songs do you  enjoy performing most in front of a live audience?

Nafrini: My lyrics stem from personal life experiences mainly. I come up with concepts before I hear the beat as what I want to speak about at that time determines the type of beat I search for. I enjoy performing ‘Do You Love Yourself’ which will be released officially very soon! I’ve been performing that live and it gets a great response each time. I enjoy it mainly as it speaks on the vanity of humans and how that can take ones life down the wrong path to where they eventually get lost in all of the illusions of life.

Sapphire: Why  do you  bill yourself as a “conscious” hip hop artist? What  makes your music  different  from  the norm?

Nafrini: I’m young but I grew up with an older brother who always played pure Hip Hop in the house from Too Short to Pac and some Do or Die out of Chicago so I grew up listening to pure storytellers. I think that’s an element that is missing in today’s music. It’s been resurrected with J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, two of my favorites by the way. I’m not the kind of artist who will do a bunch of songs about how good her sex is, how dope her body is etc. I naturally tell life stories when I write. While I don’t knock any other artist who’s about pure entertainment as there’s a place for that I am here to keep the storytelling going how Tupac and those before used to do with their music.
Nafrini 2

Nafrini 2

Sapphire: Your  portfolio on Model Mayhem is stunning. Each photo more mesmerizing. I see you’ve been modeling  for 11 years, what  got you started in the modeling industry and how hard was it to find your niche?

Nafrini: Thank you for the compliment. I actually began modeling by mistake believe it or not. I’m a short girl standing 5’0 and very curvy so I never saw myself as model material. I was actually searching for a photographer to take some actor headshots for me as I was doing local theater and some short films locally and he put me on to sites like Model Mayhem and I took the photos from that shoot and opened a portfolio account to mainly network with other actors, casting directors on there. I began to get approached by photographers who loved my look and began to do photoshoot that way and it just led to more and more shoots as well as other acting projects. I knew right away that I would not qualify for top casting agencies due to my height and then I learned about different avenues of modeling and I love being sexy so I began to do more lingerie, implied nudes to full on nude work. Glamour pays good and fits perfectly for me. I view myself as a vixen, sex kitten with a Goddess flare so I ran with it.
Sapphire: What can you tell us  about “Blood of Bad Men”? You look  kinda  mean with a  gun in your hand, will this  be your  first movie?
Nafrini: Blood of Bad Men just wrapped in 2016 and is currently in post production. It’s about a group of ladies who are pretty much call girls with a Madame lol, and they get wrapped up in some petty crime outside of pleasing customers that leads to some messy blood shed. Anyone who knows me knows I’m slightly obsessed with Pam Grier as she represents strength and sex appeal with you look at her catalog of work so I love portraying that image as well. This will be my second film to make the cut and be released as the first is called ‘Petty Cash: The Movie’ and that was several years ago. I’ve done a few other projects but they have not seen the light of day. 

Sapphire: I see we share a hobby, I’ve noticed you keep a book nearby. I’m an avid reader as well. What are your  favorite genres? What book can you read over and over?
Nafrini: Nice! Yes, I am a bookworm for sure and have been one since I was a little girl with my first set of books being Dr. Suess ordered by my mom lol. I LOVE fiction novels though I’ve been more into non-fiction, self help books. I have been dying to reread the Little Black Girl Lost series by Keith Lee Johnson. I made it to the third book and saw there are more so I need to start over and catch up lol. The story of Johnnie Wise was compelling for me when I first started reading that series.
Nafrini 3

Nafrini 3

Sapphire: I know hearts are going to break here but you’re happily in love. Is it hard being a nude model and entertainer and having a stable relationship? Is you boo supportive of your career?

Nafrini: You know I’ve definitely experienced in a past relationship that not every man can handle his woman being seen by so many men in the nude. It’s really a security issue because these also tend to be the same men who follow you so they know your work and like your pictures but will tell you they don’t date “those kind of women” so in the past I compromised who I am which is a fucking nudist hippie LOL. I’m comfortable in my skin and love showing off my sex appeal but when I tried playing the conservative role I became miserable as I realized that isn’t me and any man who steps to me has to roll with me or keep it moving. I have seen with my partner that not every man has an issue with it! Hell, if porn stars can have full on husbands and children why can’t a chick who just likes to be nude have the same, right? I feel no pressure now as I can be myself and that’s the dopest feeling as his only concern is being committed to him which is NO issue for me! I’m traditional in a lot of ways believe it or not.

Sapphire: Your body is  sick, I see you be up in Planet Fitness. Do you have a strict work out regimen? Do you diet?
Nafrini: Well thank you. I aim to hit the gym 3-4 times a week to maintain and sculpt my physique and honestly nutrition wasn’t my thing before as I’m such a foodie! Yet now I’ve realized how that plays a huge part in fitness so I aim to have a cleaner diet with more fruits, vegetables and natural products. I no longer eat fried foods except for on a cheat day. 

Sapphire: You’ve shot in some beautiful locations. If you had to pick a top two  locations, which would you say you enjoyed the most?

Nafrini: Definitely West Hollywood is now a favorite and I love Chicago as there are so many dope places to shoot outdoors when the weather is beautiful.
Nafrini 4

Nafrini 4

Sapphire: How  can people keep up with your music, modeling and acting work. Drop those links girl.
Nafrini: People can follow me on Instagram at www.instagram.com/NatashaNafrini and like my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TheNafrini as well as Twitter www.twitter.com/NatashaNafrini to keep up with my projects as I post and network often. Don’t forget to  swing by  my website http://www.Nafrini.com
Thank you once again for this interview.
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Spotlight On Talent: Actor/Photographer Patrick J. Mitchell

This multi-talented actor and  photographer is celebrating over 30 years on and off stage, performing the last 20 years on and off Broadway.  He  has  done stage and  screen work and also has a successful career as a photographer. Let’s take some time to get to know him personally.


Sapphire: You’ve  been an actor for 30 years and  have appeared in various plays on and off Broadway. What are some of the productions that you’ve been a part of?

Patrick: Most of my work has been in New York. I did a lot of shows at Brooklyn’s famed Billie Holiday Theater. Jackie Alexander’s “The Legend of Buster Neal”, which was nominated for an Auedelco Award for best ensemble and was featured in the National Black Theater Festival. Toured to several cities as Malcolm X in Jeff Stetson’s “The Meeting” and William Shakespeare’s “Othello” to name a few. Off Broadway in Nicu Spoons Production of “No Niggers No Jews No Dogs” and New Perspective Theater’s “The Cherry Orchard”. Also performing on film in Cucecity’s full feature Production’s of “The Legend of Jimi Lazer” and “Dear J”.


Sapphire: You’ve been a photographer for quite some time, how much different shooting digitally than with film? Do you ever still use film?



Patrick: I am fully digital particularly for the convenience. I get quicker results and turnaround and the software allows me to manipulate the data in the file artistically. It allows me the easy opportunity to present my clients with an artistic jaw dropping image.



Sapphire: Your work is beautiful, photos so vibrant. How  do you manage to capture such amazing imagery?



Patrick: I am not sure how to answer this because beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. I don’t set out to to shoot the amazing imagery but while out something has to catch my eye and then the hunt is on. Have you ever been out; saw something that grabbed you and said to yourself ” Dam I wish I had my camera with me”. Every now and the I will grab Baby ( his camera), turn off the phone and go for a long walk with her butt just to be together.


Sapphire: You’re so  multi-talented you’ve also spent some time doing stand up comedy. What was it like working with Jamie Foxx?



Patrick: It was great working with him. This was before the movies and during “In Living Color”. I had auditioned for the show but of course he was funnier. Very talented and funny. Great at improv as well. It was so relaxing in the green room he was literally getting a hair cut. I learned a lot watching him.


Sapphire: Where did you get the moniker the “Camera Whisperer’?



Patrick: I posted an image one day and got a lot of comments on it. I can’t remember which image but for some reason people felt emotional about the picture. The image aroused an emotion but no two comments had the same reaction. One of the comments said that my work seemed to have a healing quality like I was ‘The Camera Whisperer.’


Sapphire: What inspired your “My Children, My Africa” series? It’s beautiful.


Patrick: I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Lindi, Tanzania this past August with Stepping Together on a health mission. They were a team of doctors providing from cervical cancer screenings. This mission happened around the week of the biggest celebration in the district called “Nane Nane” meaning 8/8. Most of the people are farmers and they bring in their crop and meeting with others who are producing in the region. It was an amazing festival. Seeing the culture and differences from my world opened my eyes. There was very little electricity and the use of the bathroom was different. You were hard pressed to find a toilet bowl. They have a hole in the ground. That is a whole other story. I saw the kids having creative fun like our kids. Instead of a Wilson soccer ball they have taken plastic bags wrapped in tape. They played like it was the world cup.



Sapphire: You seem to have an affinity  for showcasing nature in your  photography. What about nature appeals to you so much?

Patrick: Interesting question, as I am a New Yorker I consider myself more of an urban photographer. I am leaning towards photojournalism especially since Tanzania. I think when I first got to Kentucky I was amazed by the surroundings but still drawn to city backgrounds. 


Sapphire: How  did you get into voice over work?


Patrick: I got into radio in my 20’s as a way to keep my instrument strong. It afforded me the opportunity to keep my improv sharp and my acting tuned. These tools make for good voice acting and what a lot of advertisers are looking for. I would love to do an animated film.


Sapphire: Are there any other hidden talents?


Patrick: None that I know of.

Sapphire: Where can people find out more about you?


Patrick: www.imagesbypatrik.com I am also on the air at www.lexingtoncommunityradio.org 7a-9a Monday thru Friday streaming live.

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We Have Had Such A Successful Week – Look Inside

I am working so hard to get the  name Sapphire Spotlight on Talent out there and I can see it starting to pay off. Combining My writing with My love of promoting talent is bringing more people to the site daily. More people to the site mean more opportunities for people to see you and your talent when it’s YOUR turn to be here.




Our current Model of the Month Hannah Moore is  not ONLY currently in  New York to walk for New York Fashion week but  she is also featured in the February issue of  London LeBlanc Magazine that was released yesterday.

imagery by malik

imagery by malik

I also met a  great photographer  from Atlanta who’s work I just immediately  fell in love with. I interviewed him for the magazine as well and it came out great. Check out his website and  check out the  new issue of London LeBlanc Magazine online FREE at www.londonleblancmagazine.com or buy  a print copy at http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1054466

I can’t wait to see who  will be next to be featured. Will it be you????

Model Call

Model Call

86 Blvd is  trying  something new and it’s looking  for models. 86 Blvd is  usually  extremely sensuous and  sexy but  it’s looking to tone done a little and become more mainstream. Are you fashion forward and still sexy? Submit to email above .

I have a new Spotlight on Talent Interview lined up here  for next week with an Actor/Photographer I  met. He has been in the acting career on and off Broadway for 30 years. I’m steady grinding so  you can  shine.

365 hiphop

365 hiphop

My exclusive interview with  Carl Michel, Best Selling Author of 365 Hip-Hop: Daily Motivational  Quotes was published this week as well.  Please take  some time to stop by and check it out http://theurbantwist.com/2016/02/09/revolutionizing-the-way-we-listen-to-hip-hop/ today and share with a friend.

Here it’s all about promoting talent and giving  people a place to shine. Want your  space  in the spotlight? Email Me sapphirespotlightontalent.com or sapphirethesexyone@gmail.com



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We’re Turning One!!! Happy Birthday To Us

Happy 1 Year Birthday To Us

    Happy 1 Year Birthday To Us

When I look at the site it’s hard for Me to believe I started this as a little side project a year ago. I just wanted some place to  share and promote things that mattered to Me that  didn’t correlate with the adult entertainment side of My business. I can’t say that the site  has matched My vision YET but  for  one year it sure has done better than I expected.

Having the responsibility of  finding talent led Me to pay attention to things I hadn’t before and that opened so many doors for Me. I  had been so focused on Myself for so long that  taking time to focus on others has given Me immeasurable pleasure.

London Le Blanc Magazine

London Le Blanc Magazine

Last week I teamed up  with  London Le Blanc Magazine  and now  will be a contributing writer monthly starting December 2015. I’ve been given 2 pages a  month for 2 separate interviews or articles. I’m so excited, that  gives Me the opportunity to offer not only  the opportunity to be featured here but to be published as well. I recently had the pleasure of  interviewing a Playboy Playmate as well for a different magazine. All I  do is to bring attention back to sites like this and My other personal projects. All I do is  to promote and offer the best resources to you. You can follow London Le Blanc on Facebook at

I’ve also decided to  add a new section to the site for 2016, Sapphire’s  Jewel and I will feature a model a month. Look out for new site design and updates. Happy Thanksgiving you guys and  don’t forget  SUBMIT TO BE FEATURED OR GET YOUR MUSIC PLAYED ON THE SITE  at sapphirespotlightontalent@gmail.com

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Spotlight On Talent: This “Kydd” Has His Own Style

ilust logo

    ilust logo


There are a lot of BLAZIN designers popping up all over the place. With the invention of sites like Instagram, facebook, Pinterest and Youtube we are are getting introduced to talented individuals we may have never even known existed. From city to city, coast to coast I want to shine the spotlight on those who impress me most. I will be bringing you interviews with some of the hottest established and up and coming clothing designers that I run across as I blaze my own path of fame across the net. Let’s get it on!! Time to meet one of them now.

Andre (Kydd)
Baltimore, MD
Born and raised in Baltimore, MD with a family that was pretty much by the statistics. Enriched in an environment that promoted growth only but the sheer determination of a mother too tired of the norm, Kydd was given the shot to focus on his  many talents.  That was the spark that started him on the path to become any and everything he would ever become. Nothing would be enough just because the thought of more existed. The only desire he ever had was to find something worth no longer existing, the smile at the end of any rainbow. Living a life worth of extinction.
ilust logo

ilust logo

Q1# I first became aware of your clothing brand about a year ago when another local model I had
attended some shoots with was rocking one of your shirts. How long have you actually been
building your brand?

Its been a little over two years now, and  I love it. A couple people actually ask to wear my clothing and that’s when I remember, I love what I do. So yea a rough two years. Something that started as a college hustle.

Q2# What inspired you to start designing clothes in the first place? Can you remember your first
finished piece of clothing? What was it?
 I won’t say I was inspired so much as I was given, well pushed into an opportunity. Like I said it was a college hustle, airbrushed tees were coming back and a my best friend were just working any hustle that could make money. That whole college experience with parties, drinks, and any other thing we thought people would notice. Just trying different skills and people noticed this one in particular. But the actual brand didn’t start until about a year after I left school and he calls me up like lets start a company. I mean neither of us had any real marketing experience, it was just a why not moment. Anyway— here we are.
But I will share a secret that keeps me going, as a kid I always dreamed of being in a gallery debut. With the way the art world has turned I guess this is my way of being seen no matter what. The only goal is to turn the world into my gallery. Aw man our first finished product I think was either a T-shirt with the skull and flower vines on it. Famous stars and stripes were big then don’t judge us.
ilust design

                    ilust design

Q3# You have a style that reminds me of anime yet you use a lot of pandas and animals as well
Can you tell us about your style and your love for pandas?
My style? That’s a complicated one, growing up I drew anime, furries, all of that kind of stuff. Even big ugly monsters, back then my imagination was my friend. I even had a decent comic collection. But for me art is about the vision, its a beautiful translation. For me its all art, the one language that connects any intellect. Something so basic of an understanding. But when you ask me about the animals and the pandas that is a whole other thing.
I love pandas, I mean really love them as a symbol of something beyond what they’re being. Name another creature that decides who I am is worth dying for, you cant change my mind, convince me or tempt me. Its been a long running joke that they die out because they wont reproduce, like that’s a big choice. Its a powerful statement, I am willing to go to extinction for my choice, one that they may not even understand they are making. When is the last time you met a person willing to not just die but have their way of living die because of what they believe. That’s something to aspire to but then again they are kinda cool with out that outlook.
Q4# You’re more than just a clothing designer I see, you’re a talented artist as well. How long have
you been an artist? Do you just draw or are you a painter as well?
I’ve been an artist all of my life, I don’t know how to be anything else. Creation is the most amazing thing I have ever been apart of. I use various mediums it really depends on the image but to list a few. Pencils, markers, color pencils, make up, water color, and fabric paint. I have yet to do a whole painting because that still scares me I mean there’s no real control, there’s just a passion. And discipline, and we know how urban folk are with that word right lol
lipstick design

lipstick design

Q5# Did I notice some poetry and writing by you on your facebook page as well?
Yes I write as well. Words are just another medium to create. My favorite parts of the day are creating some sort of reality from the fantasies of readers, I like making a place where people can be who they are. And some people listen better than they see.
Whatever vehicle works best for what I have to say, as long as people enjoy the journey.
Q6# Have you had a lot of success with your clothing line? Who is your dream celebrity
to dress?
The success has been enough for me. I love it when people put on something I made and they smile, in that way that feels like a perfect fit. I work with out measurements most times so a perfect fit to me is my success. I think my celeb client wishlist would include Skin Diamond and K. Michelle its that attitude and way of life I want to capture and recreate. I chase that feeling of I am who I am.
ilust models

ilust models

Q7# Where do you see your career in 5 years?
In 5 years I just hope to be remembered, or at least in the laundry bag still relevant.
Q8# Are you in school for anything pertaining to your talent? If not, are you planning to
No I tried school, it didn’t agree with me. Anything we want to learn is a choice. I was raised on dictionaries and encyclopedias. A little hard work and mostly punishments, you gotta rebel lol. Plus in this day and age with google plus a search bar I can take a weekend and learn anything I want.
Do you think you can and will achieve the level of success you want living in Baltimore or
do you see yourself relocating for your art?
Honestly as much as I love my city, I want to move. How can we learn if we don’t explore. Its all about what else can I do next, I’ve lived here my whole life there’s gotta be more to learn. Plus I can’t lie people aren’t as up to helping others succeed in this place. Most people I’ve run into either want to have a piece of what you built or if you doing better then they want to knock you back. I know at times I’m far too Utopian but I can’t believe this is all there is.
Q10# Where can people find your work and items ?
Ahhhh my favorite question…. people can buy product at www.lustlife.bigcartel.com or they can see it on IG @_iamlust_ but they can always contact me at cirqusroyalty@gmail.com for questions or custom orders. Its All Art.

stoner tee

stoner tee

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Spotlight On Talent – Model T

Model T Unleashed

Model T Unleashed

There are a lot of BLAZIN models popping up all over the place. With the invention of sites like Model Mayhem,  facebook GGurls and other  model networking sites, we are being treated to the beautiful works of models we may have never even known existed. From city to city, coast to coast I want to shine the spotlight on those who impress me most. I will be bringing you interviews with some of the hottest established and up and coming models that I run across as I blaze my own path of fame across the net. Let’s get it on!! Time to meet one of them now………..

Name: Tonie aka Model T
Age: 34
Height: 5’6
Weight: 115 lbs
Hometown: Louisville, KY

Model T Bubble Princess

Model T Bubble Princess

Tonie is a youthful looking beauty that reigns from Kentucky and she enjoys shopping, reading various novels, viewing artwork, watching reality shows with her mother, spending time with friends, and rollerskating with her 11 year old nephew. These are just a few things that goes on in her spare time but what she truly loves doing is posing in front of the camera! Once Tonie steps foot onto the set,she transforms into Model T!

1. How long have you been in the modeling game? What influenced your decision to start modeling?

With the help of one of my best friends, I did my first photo shoot in November 2005, so I am coming up on my 10 year anniversary! As a child, I always enjoyed browsing through fashion magazines with my mother. Of course, I would always picture myself modeling the clothes. One day, I came across a beautiful photo of Grace Jones and I asked my mother if Grace was male or female. My mother told me that Grace Jones is female and a model who is known for her wild sense of style. As a kid, Grace’s style was “scary” at times but I truly loved it because she made you not only notice her wild style but also her beauty. I told myself that I may not be Grace Jones when I grow up, but I darn sure can make a statement like she.

2. Were your family and friends supportive of your decision?
My friends and siblings are very supportive! My mother and father are not supportive, they are old school and could never “get with the times”. I remember when my mother helped me pick out the best images from my first photo shoot, which looked like senior pictures, and she was cool about it. A few months later in 2006, I showed her images that were more avant garde and she completely dissed them, which struck a nerve with me because those were the images that got people noticing me on ModelMayhem! To this day, I believe my mother is a bit jealous LOL! My parents have not seen any of my modeling images since 2006 lol! They are also not savvy about technology, so I am not worried about them finding images online. Casually, I will mention walking in a few fashion shows but they seem uninterested and never come to any events.
Model T: Puzzle Em

Model T: Puzzle Em

3. What influenced you to focus more towards fashion and glamour at a time where everyone wants to be eye candy?
After being told “No” several times in the first few months, I knew that being African American and slender would not be enough for me to stand out, so I had to channel my inner Grace Jones and become different. That’s when I began to network with photographers who also liked being different and we incorporated various wigs, props, and fun ideas in all my photo shoots. To me, photo shoots are all about personality and when you are having fun during your shoot, it definitely shows up in the photos! Once I gained attention of the photographers who only shot eye candy, I gave myself a pat on the back because they saw something that not every eye candy model has…..they saw diversity.
4. What is your ultimate goal with your modeling?
My ultimate goal in modeling is to go to Paris and participate in Fashion Week! I have no problem settling for my plan b, which is to open up a large studio space for photographers, models, hairstylists, make-up artists, and stylists to rent during the winter 🙂
Model T Wigged Out

Model T Wigged Out

5. I’ve noticed that you’re a chameleon easily switching it up with a variety of wigs. You even do wig reviews, tell me, what’s your wig fascination and how it got started?
HAHAHA my fascination with wigs came from my mother! I remember when I was a kid, my mother took my sisters and I to a hair store  to search for a wig that was similar to her hairstyle. I enjoyed all the different styles of wigs and couldn’t wait to buy one when I got older, which I did when I turned 22. I loved my Aaliyah mystery bang style wig, and of course, my mother didn’t like it lol! I wore out to the club and some people thought it was my hair and others knew it was a wig. Years later, I learned that I was wearing the wig crooked LOL! Once my interest in modeling grew, my fascination with wigs became an obsession! These middle and high school girls are lucky because weaves and wigs are no longer a secret LOL! If I wore a wig to school back in the 90s, folks would have been joking on me ALL DAY LONG LOL and that also included the curly ponytail, which I didn’t wear but not too often! Once I graduated high school, I proudly wore that fake long ponytail. My mother and sisters still rock the ponytail, it even transitioned to my aunts and female cousins who used to joke on us for always rocking the ponytail LOL!
6. Have you been featured in any print publications? Any Publication you’re specifically aiming for?
I have been featured in some print publications such as Ar Leith Magazine, Mogul Magazine, Burda Moden Magazine, Red Hot Kittens, NLM Magazine, KY Fused Magazine, Ooh-Wee Magazine, UGFM Magazine, Transpire Magazine, HNS Magazine, BX25 Vixens Magazine, The 411 Magazine, and my own magazine series on MagCloud: Modeltunleashed The Print Edition. My dream publication is always going to be Vogue magazine but I’m always excited for whoever accepts my photo submission! Its hard to get a photo submission these days…..you really got to have the right team to work with and research which publication you want to submit the images to. For some odd reason, I always miss the deadlines of certain themes.
Model T Rocking Out

Model T Rocking Out

7.  Did you enjoy working on the set of the short film “Open Up”? What can you tell us about the film?
I LOVED working on the set of “Open Up” and the crew was super nice, plus this was my first short film to be featured in! The film is written by Rodney Cox and is about veterans who are experience post traumatic stress disorder, which is pretty common in some veterans. My character is married to an ex-war veteran and she struggles on dealing with his stubbornness about seeking help for the disorder. The role was easy for me to play because I am stubborn at times and always seem to date stubborn men LOL! Working on the film has got me interested in doing more acting…..maybe even working behind the scenes.
8.  You might break some hearts here, are you single, dating or attached?
I’m sure I’ll fall in love again one day (keywords: one day) but in the meantime, all I want to do is wear my cute clothes, sexy hair, sexy heels, and continue to have fun! Sometimes I am just too hot too handle and too cold to hold…..the right man will catch me at the right moment and keep my attention at all times.
Model T All Dolled Up

Model T All Dolled Up

9.  Have you had your first experience with a pervy photographer yet? How did you handle the situation?
That is one experience that I have not come across yet (knocking on wood) and hope that I never do. Whenever I hear about models and their experiences with pervy photographers, I get a sick feeling in my stomach and then reality hits me about how sick this industry can be. You can’t trust everyone and you really have to be careful out there. I’m pretty sure that is one of the reasons why my parents dislike me modeling….I truly do not blame them, if that’s the case.

10. Where can people check you out at?

My portfolio can be found on the following sites:
New images plus a blog can be found here: http://whoistonie.weebly.com/
Check out my ol school images here: http://whoistonie.wix.com/tonie-2
Check out my sexier images here: http://whoistonie.wix.com/modeltunleashed
Check me out in the short film Open Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QYBMqvMrfs
Check out my wig channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/modeltunleashed
Model T Snake Charmer

Model T Snake Charmer

I want to say thank you to the lovely Sapphire Hill for being one of my online model inspirations AND taking the time to notice my talent  and granting me this interview! MUAH!!!!!
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