Spotlight on Talent – Melanin Reigns: Writer, Goddess, Radio Show Personality

Byspotlightontalent Posted Jul 11, 2017

Spotlight on Talent – Melanin Reigns: Writer, Goddess, Radio Show Personality

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Name: Melanins Reigns

Age: 21

Location: Baltimore

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Job Title: Freelance Writer and Radio Host

Melanin Reigns is a freelance writer and radio host of WOLB 1010 ‘The Mentoring Clinic’. Born and partially raised in Pittsburgh, PA to two Liberian parents. Owner of Melanin Reigns Essentials LLC. However, she is more than just a writer and entrepreneur she is a spoken word artist, emcee, youth mentor and more.

Melanin Reigns

Melanin Reign

For quite some time I would hear the name “Melanin Reigns” around the poetry and arts scene but had yet to meet the woman so many spoke highly of. One day, I finally had the chance to hear her spit some poetry. Her flow was deep and amazing, her voice, mesmerizing. Though her talents had Me enraptured, I could not ignore her physical beauty.

She wasn’t “pretty”, to simplify her that way would be an insult, she was stunning. Her movements were regal, her clothing told you she was proud of her heritage, she didn’t have to have anything showing to command the attention of all in the room. Her jewelry, you could tell was handcrafted and hand-picked, each ring, earring, bracelet to invoke or ward off. I had to get to know her, so I started to follow her on social media. Then I knew I had to introduce her to you.

Sapphire: You’re very well known and loved in the Baltimore arts scene, yet you’re a Pittsburgh native. How long have you been in the Baltimore area? How is the Baltimore arts scene different from the Pittsburgh arts scene?

Melanin Reigns: I’ve been in Baltimore for about 9 years now. Although I have yet to truly experience the Pittsburgh art scene, I can definitely say that there isn’t enough indigenous people and that for me is an issue. The Baltimore art scene is far more diverse and more importantly the soul still lives here.

Sapphire: You’re not just a poet but also have a beautiful singing voice. How did you first discover your talents? Do you remember your first time performing something you wrote?

Melanin Reigns: I’ve always known I was multi talented, however, I didn’t do much performing until I joined the Speak Life Tour. As far as performing, a spoken word artist by the name of Epiphany inspired me to step out and use my voice to its full potential. The first time I performed something I wrote, was a little over a year ago for Stephanie Rawlings Blake’s Mayoral Youth Domestic Violence Forum .

Melanin Reigns outdoors

Melanin Reigns outdoors

Sapphire: You happily live a vegan lifestyle. For those unfamiliar with Veganism, can you explain what that is? What led you to this lifestyle?

Melanin Reigns: So I actually do not subscribe to the label of vegan, simply because I shift my diet often according to resources and needs. However, I primarily live a plant based lifestyle and it was influenced by the quality of chicken that became popular in the market around 2008. They were injected with so many steroids that it could still be tasted through preparation and cooking. Long story short I started my journey around 2012 to eat to live instead of living to eat.

Sapphire: Speaking of veganism, on Fridays, you cook up a beautiful vegan meal and go out and feed the homeless and those in need. What inspired you to start “Feed a Friend Fridays?” How long have you been feeding strangers around Baltimore?

Melanin Reigns: Feed a Friend Friday started from my desire to engage with strangers. As crazy as it may sound, a lot of people could use a friend. What better way to commune than over food? From that basic thought came the element to provide those individuals with quality meals that would nourish their bodies as well. We prepare free, tasty vegetarian and vegan food. A win, win situation in my book.

Sapphire: You also run Melanin Reigns Essentials, LLC,  a company that creates and sells natural products, hand-crafted jewelry and even performs spiritual readings. Can you tell us more about Melanin Reigns Essentials, LLC and what you offer?

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Melanin Reigns: Melanin Reigns Essentials is a multi-faceted brand dedicated  to making your online experience a one stop shop. We promote healthy living and all natural products that work with your enzymes, rather than disabling them overtime. We offer natural hair and body products such as; body butter, hair oils, soaps, toners etc. Our spiritual services include:tarot readings, spacial energy cleansing, touch and sound healing. The alkaline jewelry line is created with healing stones and crystals custom made just for YOU! All of these services are pioneered by profound sisters in the community. Rychel Reigns Accessories, YOUniversall Multi-media Co. ,Kifalme Royal Naturals and Mytia_styles are all incorporated within Melanin Reigns Essentials LLC.

Sapphire: What exactly is a spiritual reading? What does one usually get from it?

Melanin Reigns: Readings involve utilization of a medium to see what energy is willing to surface from the underworld aka the subconscious. So as a tarot card reader, I utilize my ability to transmute energy unto the cards, in order for clients to see them as well. The confirmation then comes from the client’s ability to identify where the “past position” messages are relevant in their life. (As they have already happened and can assist in gauging accuracy in the rest of the reading.) After which comes your present position then future. Depending on what spread is used, things like financial abundance or issues can show up. In regards to love, messages about divine partnerships, marriages, blockages due to residue from your ex and third party situations can appear also.

You will be assisted to your highest good if you stay in alignment with @mrsmelaninreigns advice. What intrigues people about “psychic intuition” is their ability to connect with things that appear outside of the self. People want to know how does this occur and how can it be validated? Find out for yourself, diagnostic readings begin at 7 dollars and 11 cents. Our theme at is to stop avoiding your healing process. The driving force behind the readings is to offer guidance in healing. You absolutely cannot go wrong with evolving authentically.

Melanin Reigns Live

Melanin Reigns Live

Sapphire: Ask Melanin? I love the concept. How long have you been doing “Melanin Mondays” on Facebook? What topics do you find most people come to you for guidance on?

Melanin Reigns: Melanin Mondays will soon be embarking upon it’s one year anniversary. Most people inquire about a starting point to heal and advice on how to pursue their true passions. I can always be reached on! Click the “Ask Melanin” tab under ‘Contact Us’.

Sapphire: Any big summer plans or performances coming up?

Melanin Reigns: I am touring Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, New York, Virginia, California and MORE all summer long with the Speak Life Tour. Be sure to log onto to find out dates and invite us to your city! We have a lineup of phenomenal artists, hand picked by our founder @Cspeaksofficial. If you’ve never experienced our host @EpiphanysWords then you definitely need tickets to the next show.

Sapphire: You have some cool performance videos on YouTube, do you still perform live?

Melanin Reigns: Gratitude beloved. I still perform live and Melanin Reigns the music artist has plenty of gifts in store for fall!

Sapphire: Where  can  people follow you and purchase your natural products?

Melanin Reigns: Your healthy addiction begins at ! Please keep in mind that when you support Melanin Reigns Essentials LLC. , you’re supporting a variety of small businesses that give back to communities like yours!

@MelaninReigns on all social media.

Melanin Reigns Essentials on Facebook

Byspotlightontalent Posted Jun 27, 2017

Spotlight on Talent: Shae McCoy, The Uncommon Realist

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Name: Shae McCoy

Age: 26

Job Title(s):  Journalist/ Photographer (freelance)

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore’s own Shae McCoy has been consistently blazing platforms and leaving her media footprint within  the  DMV ( DC-MD-VA)   area and beyond. At the ripe age of 22, she founded,  a media source positively cultivating the minds of the public in not just the realest way but in a “realist” way.

McCoy’s deep passion for pop culture, the arts, and news has enabled her to expand her brand and be in the same room with the greats. Shae has had the honor to interview actors, activists, community leaders, and local politicians. One of the highlights of her career was interviewing the Michael B. Jordan, who starred in the Wire, Fruitvale Station, and Friday Night Lights.

Shae  fell in love with words at an early age. She was enamored with its power to move, motivate, and inspire. As a young girl, she wrote personal narratives and short stories. As Shae grew older, she grew fond of journalism and realized that is how she would make her mark on the world.

She recently started Coy-Op Photos, a photography brand that caters to various types of photography.

Meet Shae McCoy

                Meet Shae McCoy


Sapphire: Though you’re so young, your journey as a photojournalist has been a long one. Can you tell us how you got started? Which came first, your love of writing or love of photography?

Shae:  I started this journey as just a blogger/journalist in 2013. Uncommonrealist really was something that was created in the same day that I thought about it. For years before that, I wanted to create a blog, but didn’t know where to start.  I literally just had a day off from my  retail job and got to work.  The name of my blog came as fast as lightning, I didn’t have to put too much thought into it. I wrote my first article about Fruitvale Station and once I started receiving feedback about my article I knew that this was something I was meant to do and to keep it up.

I started doing photography in July of 2016. I originally picked up photography to be able to add photos to my articles so that I wouldn’t have to search for images via google. That plan didn’t stick too long because it was festival season, so I ventured out. I took my first collection of photos at the African American Festival and was pleased with results. That was also where I picked up my first paid gig.

UncommonRealist Logo

UncommonRealist Logo


Sapphire: Three years ago, you started your own company, The Uncommon Realist. What inspired you to launch your own brand? What did publishing under your own brand do for you as a journalist?

Shae: I’ve loved to write ever since I was a kid, I started out with creative writing. I always wrote the best stories, narratives and poems in my classes. Writing is something I can do with my eyes closed as long as it isn’t being forced, because no one wants to be forced when it comes to something they love. As I grew older I kind of strayed away from writing for a while because I was going through turmoil at home.

Once I got to college and saw that there were classes dedicated to writing, I picked it back up. I always knew that I would find a place in the media field, I just didn’t know where I would be exactly. News reporting always sparked my interest, but I didn’t think I was fit for TV so I gradually moved into writing in a journalistic style. I started Uncommonrealist in my sophomore year of college and then left school for three years. I didn’t think I was focused enough at the time. Starting Uncomonrealist definitely is shaping me as a professional and developing me as a person. As a journalist, it has presented me with plenty of opportunities.

Sapphire: You’re a contributing writer to the newspaper at the University of Baltimore, The UB Post; How long have you been writing for the publication? What are you majoring in at the University of Baltimore?

Shae: I have been writing for The UB Post since February of this year. My major is Digital Communications.

Coy-Op Photos

Coy-Op Photos


Sapphire: You recently wrote an article about the state of Baltimore’s inner city communities, focused on generational poverty and gentrification. What made you decide to write the story? What kind of response did you get?

Shae: I wrote that story because I am living that story as we speak. I am in a better space than I was growing up, but I am still in the same neighborhood I wrote about. The way that it is changing before my eyes is mind blowing and I had to express that because I know a lot of inner city residents can relate. The responses I received were mostly in concurrence with what I discussed. People were offering suggestions and trying to help.


Sapphire: There’s a huge LED billboard on Charles Street, a major Baltimore thoroughfare; it’s located practically right outside on Baltimore’s Penn Station which is a central transportation hub for the east coast. What does it feel like to have your work on a billboard with the capacity to reach millions of people daily?

Shae: It was a great feeling, a small success, but a great feeling nonetheless. It was just something on my list that I wanted to do. It was cool to see my work up that high and for people to stop and take pictures. I made sure that I included photos that I took of people I know so that they could see themselves up there as well.


Sapphire: Photographers tend to be shy, quiet thoughtful types. Who is Shae McCoy? How would you describe your personality and personal style?

Shae: I’m someone who appears to be very social, but really likes to be around a small amount of people or alone. I’m always shy in the beginning until I feels like she is comfortable enough to be open and fun around you. I’m  outgoing and outspoken, which can appear as a contradiction to my usual laid back self. I just likes to be comfortable when not out working hard, that usually requires a loose outfit and a place with a great view.

Sapphire: Where do you see yourself five years after graduation from UB?

Shae:  Working in a newsroom, but if print media is still relevant in 5 years I can see myself in that field as well. I see myself as a photographer for huge companies and both of my brands expanding in a major way. I never really answer this question too well. [lol] The world is forever changing I just hope to be on the good end of things.

Black and White Series: Coy-Op Photos

Black and White Series: Coy-Op Photos


Sapphire: I’ve noticed and have been enjoying your summer photo series. What can people expect from you this summer?

Shae: Thank you. I plan on having a book made for 2 of my photography collections, one old and one new. While preparing for that I will be around at some of the local events this summer snapping photos and doing shoots.


Sapphire: Where can people keep up with your work and find  more of you?

Shae: People can keep up with brands by:

Following @uncommonrealistdotcom and @coyopphotos on Instagram

Visiting and subscribing to

Liking “Uncommonrealist” on facebook

Following “Uncomonrealist” on soundcloud

Following “Uncommonrealist” on Tumblr

Thank you so much for having me!


Byspotlightontalent Posted May 30, 2017

Are You Blocking Your Blessings and Potential Business with Private Social Media Profiles.

I spend a lot of time on social media, Instagram and Facebook in particular, as I scour the net for the next hottest up and coming talent and entrepreneurs to add to My roster of interviews. One of the things that drives crazy is when someone says, “check me out on Instagram” and I head to their account and it’s private.

I’m immediately shocked and turned off. No matter how talented they are, I’m not interested in working with nor featuring them.

Why? This is “social” media and the social is a huge aspect of it that many don’t seem to understand.

When you put your professional page on friends only, that blocks not only people like Me who want to work with and feature you, but it also blocks out sponsorship opportunities and limits the growth of your followers.

Let’s be real here, if you’re an unknown or up and coming artist, entertainer or entrepreneur, what is the incentive for people to be intrigued enough about the mystery behind your locked page? Instagram is about content, plain and simple. People want to follow you for your art, your talent or business acumen. Having a private page ensures that a large number of people who happen to land on your page, will leave.

priavte accounts

I see similar situations on Facebook and it hurts me to my entrepreneurial heart. Sometimes, when I am not in rush, I stop and leave a comment telling my Facebook friends to “take this off of post so that it can be shared.” However, more commonly than not, I see great posts up and down my timeline all day and quite often, I want to share and can’t. On Facebook, you can avoid the trouble of having a private personal page by having a business or fan page.

Am I telling you that you can’t have a private social media page? Not at all. Can you only have a private page as an entertainer, artist or burgeoning entrepreneur? Not at all. You are free to create a personal page where you post the things you want to limit public access to. Instagram actually allows an encourages you to have multiple profiles, take advantage to maintain your privacy. Facebook prohibits multiple personal profiles but allows multiple fan pages.

A public page says open for business to the world, a private page says hobbyist who is seeking attention from their friends.

For example, take a look at my Facebook page. At one point, I like many, had 5,000 friends on Facebook. I found that it left me frustrated, seeing so many things I had no interest in from my friends just because people were interested in my talent and skill. I deleted those friends when Facebook started to allow followers. I now have over 34,000 Facebook followers and everything I post is open to the public. If I want to limit something to My small list of friends, I can mark them “friends only” at any time.

One of the greatest disadvantages of not making your Instagram page open to the public is that your posts are not eligible to be picked up by Instagram’s Explore page. The Explore page gives users across the platform to check out some of the hottest, freshest and most liked content on the Instagram.

Do you have a private Instagram page and find yourself wondering why your network isn’t growing as fast as you know your talent should allow? Hope this helps. Get that page off of a private setting and let your talents shine.

TIPs and Tricks: Don’t forget, when you hit the share to Facebook button on Instagram your post will go to your Facebook page and post as private as the set default. If you want your Instagram posts to be viewable on Facebook to more than your friend list, after posting, go to your Facebook page and change the settings on the post as public. Once it’s made public, it can show up in searches and be shared by your friends.

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Byspotlightontalent Posted May 26, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Power Promo Package Sale

Memorial day sale

It’s Memorial Day weekend, the official  start of summer and I wanted to  do something special for all My up and coming and indie stars.

This weekend only I’m taking $100 off our Power Promo Package advertised in the services area here on the site. Normally this package is $500, but this Today – May 29th only, you can take advantage of this offer for only $400.

What’s included?

Website ( 5 page SEO optimized, social media integrate)
30 day front page feature
100 business cards
Professional bio
Blog submission ( submission to 5 other websites for promo consideration)

Questions? Drop Me an email to or use the form below.

Byspotlightontalent Posted May 6, 2017

Opportunity for Writers: Essays Wanted


Essays of reflection on love, life, parenthood, transition, death etc. I am looking for essays that a reader will be able to see your growth from where you were in mindset when the essay started versus where it was when it culminates.

Word length 2,500 to 4,000 (exceptionally good essays of up to 5,000 words will be considered)

Fee $50 add your essay and contact information plus ONE copy of Reflections. $125 add advertisement for your own book or project plus 5 copies of Reflections.

“Reflections: Getting to the Heart of Me” will be available on Amazon, CreateSpace and at Barnes and Nobles June 15, 2017.

Essays due no later than June 20, 2017

Submit your essay to for consideration

I recently published a book of poems titled “Writing for My Sanity” because honestly, writing has saved my life many times. I’ve kept a journal my whole life, in fact I still have one of my journals left from high school.

As I’ve aged, not only have I continued to journal but I started blogging as well.  Through my blogging, I started to notice my writing develop. Eventually, I found that I had become an essayist without even noticing.

No longer was I just pouring out my heart, my feelings and emotions but I was growing through the insight I was getting from my writing. I was able to share my own personal experiences yet have a message that was generally universal.

As I’ve written and shared my life with strangers across the world for the last 10 years, I’ve connected with so many on a personal level. As a person who has dealt with feeling alone and isolated, it’s been encouraging and therapeutic to connect with others who can relate to how I feel.

It feels even better when someone tells me they gained clarity, insight, or peace in their own situations from me sharing my own.

I’ve compiled a series of essays that I can see the growth in myself through such as a letter to my dead mother, pieces on self-esteem, love, motherhood and more. The essays will be put together in a book titled “Reflections: Getting to the Heart of Me”.

With the second book I published, Writing for My Sanity, I allowed two other talented writers to share their poems with my readers inside the book. I am doing the same with “Reflections”, I am opening space up for other writers to share their essays as well. I encourage you to  use this opportunity to invest in yourself and increase your reader base.  I look forward to reading your submissions.




Byspotlightontalent Posted Mar 29, 2017

Spotlight on Talent: DH DaHitWryter, Wordsmith and Host with the Most.

Dionne  Halsey is a song writer, event host and mental health/self care advocate. She’s also the co-founder of Heal Baltimore and Creativity and Conscious Sippin, Dionne currently co-creates events that bring people together to support art and to give back to their communities. Dionne also hosts a popular variety show in Baltimore called #ThursdayNightRealness and facilitates workshops that focus on mental health and self care. Let’s take a  minute to  get to  know her a little better.



Sapphire: I was initially drawn to you because of your drive. I first noticed you as an event hostess. I was pleasantly surprised to find out you had much more to offer. In three sentences or less, how would you pitch yourself. Who are you?

DaHitWryter: First let me thank you for this interview. Alright so, I’m a motivator, team player and creator. I build, create and work with others to do the things that align with my purpose, and provide positive change.

Sapphire: You’re so diverse and I love it. You originally got your start in music. How did you get into song writing? Was writing always a hobby or passion for you?

DaHitWryter: Writing is so therapeutic for me. I wrote my first song for church when I was about 9. Then I got consumed with my first love, basketball. So I actually started writing consistently again when I was in high school. I actually would write for my peers and hang on my front porch and write and spit verses with the guys in my neighborhood.



Sapphire: You been lucky enough to work inside the music industry as well learning more about the industry. These days you even guest host and interview some cool people. What have you learned from working inside the music industry?

DaHitWryter: Working in the music industry, I learned about the business and most importantly I learned a lot about what’s for me, and what’s not for me. It’s important to be self aware when you are constantly around others and exchanging energy.

Sapphire: Do you prefer to be in the spotlight or more behind the scenes? Why

DaHitWryter:  I actually prefer to be behind scenes because I love supporting others and seeing other people take my words and give them life when I write a song or some other piece for them.

Ressurecting Queens

Resurrecting Queens

Sapphire: You have many artistic talents, I love that you nurture them. How long have you been doing graphic arts? Was it hard to learn the craft?

I’ve been doing graphic arts, without realizing it, for over 10 years. I’ve always been the type to play around with gadgets and take things apart and put them together so once I taught myself the program, making flyers and all that, became easy. It definitely saves and creates additional income for me.

Sapphire: You are co-creator of Heal Baltimore and Creativity and Conscious Sippin, what can you tell us about these organizations and how you became involved?

DaHitWryter: Heal Baltimore came about after the riots that took place in Baltimore. It was actually an uprising as well. I kept saying the affirmation Heal Batimore so I reached out to my business partners and said, hey, would you be interested in putting together events that support and give back to our communities? And they were all in. We have artistic events, and we put together drives to collect things for those who need them. CCS is a mobile paint and sip company. We bring the sip and paint to your home, office, bar or wherever we are needed. Another business partner of mine was looking for ways to incorporate her artwork into her brand. So we did research and reached out to a company for her to work with. At the time they didn’t have any openings so I encouraged her to start her own company and ended up becoming a business partner. We also put together artistic events for the public too.

Sapphire: As someone diagnosed with mental illness Myself, I was extremely drawn to your need to share your story of battling depression. I’m glad that you got the help you needed. How has battling depression affected your life?

DaHitWryter: Battling depression would always have an effect on me being consistent with my career. There were times where I just wanted to sleep all day and let life pass by.

Sapphire: In the Black community, mental illness is generally overlooked or downplayed. We are told to            Suck it up, pray and the like. How supportive was your family and inner circle when they found out You were battling with mental illness?

DaHitWryter: My inner circle really stepped up once I revealed that I was feeling depressed and suicidal. At the time, I had a partner who went to the end of the world for me, and I cherish her for that. My family didn’t really know because I shutdown after coming to a family member about it and it not being taken serious. That family member was depressed too.

Sapphire:  What’s up next for you? What can fans expect to see from DaHitWryter?

DaHitWryter: Fans can expect more hosting, workshops about mental health and self care, motivational speaking, and new music! More businesses and merchandise too.

Sapphire:  How can people keep up with your work? Drop them links on us.

DaHitWryter: I’m big on hashtags so if you’re on Twitter, IG or Facebook it’s @DH_DaHitwryter or just plug in #TheDHExperience. To hear music from me as a lyricist and also a songwriter, check me out at My website will be returning soon. Thanks again Queen and to all those supporting.

new music

Byspotlightontalent Posted Mar 29, 2017

Spotlight on Talent: Abman Glaster, CEO, Urban Legend Media

Urban Legend Media Is The Newest Trend In News, Entertainment & Advertising that prides itself on being a publication that targets anyone that is influenced by urban culture. It’s  CEO, Abman  Glaster is an  author, publisher and advocate. Let’s get to know him a little better.


Sapphire: There’s so much I want to talk to you about but first in three sentences or less, how would you pitch yourself. Tell us who you are?

 Abman: I am the face of change. A story of overcoming life’s adversities. An author/publisher/screenplay writer, who likes to create exciting works that far exceed any certain demographic.

Sapphire: I just love your story, I love to see people overcome their struggles to succeed in life. Before we get to your success story, let’s discuss your start. You’ve spent quite a good amount of time in and out of the legal system. What led you to a life of crime and what caused you to change your life?

Abman: It’s the typical story of a minority youth growing up on the streets of America’s inner cities. Growing up in adverse economic conditions lead me to selling drugs. For me, the justice system has been effecting my life since the age of 12, up until my current age of 41. I’ve spent a total of 16 years inside, and I’ve recently completed a 108-month federal prison sentence. During that time, which was my fourth trip to prison, I made a vow to just continuously strive to reach my fullest potential. That was my moment of metamorphosis. My paradigm shift.

Sapphire: How did you start your publishing company?

Abman: While serving this last prison sentence I wrote my first book. Because of already having operated my own small business, a beauty and hair supply store in Jersey City, I just had the mindset that I wanted to control everything with my projects. So, after writing 3 novels in 11 months, I begin to consider all the avenues to get my book in print. Published my first book, ‘Foreign Exchange’ in 2008 while at USP, Terre Haute, and there you have the birth of Urban Legend Presents/Urban Legend Media. A very interesting journey, learning the ropes of the publishing industry.

Sapphire: Who are some of the authors you’ve worked with and how can a writer get published through Urban Legend Media.

Abman: Most notable are Wahida Clark of WCP and Michelle Fletcher of LaFemmeFatale. Whether an author is looking for a traditional, or self-publishing arrangement, they can visit, and under get published they’ll be able to start the process.

stormy winter promo flyer2

Sapphire: You seem to have an interest in digital video. Is that something you will be bringing to ULM as it grows? What kind of projects can we expect?

Abman: Absolutely. My literary journey has lead me to add grant writing, and screenplays to my repertoire, and since screenplay writing has come into the fold, I’ve been on a relentless pursuit to bring my unique vision to the world thru visual medium. I think its inherent in fiction writers, the idea of seeing their works being created into film. Currently we are gearing up to begin filming One’s Pleasure: Another’s Pain, a short film that delves into the lives of identical twins, Winter and Summer, and how Summer’s pain always comes at the hands of Winter’s pleasure.

Sapphire: Since being released from prison, you’ve set up GETTING OUT AND STAYING OUT as a way to offer resources to other felons scheduled for release. Can you tell us more about your organization? How can someone help you by volunteering or offering donations and resources? .

Abman: My organization is being established as a 501(c) (3) non-profit, designed to help soon-to-be released prisoners overcome the challenges that await them upon release. Because I have personally experienced how the impact of a criminal record prevents many ex-offenders from obtaining employment, housing, health insurance, and higher education, I understand how difficult it is for the most well-intentioned individual to keep on the right path and STAY OUT of the criminal justice system. Therefore, GETTING OUT AND STAYING OUT is committed to connecting soon-to-be released prisoners to the critical resources they’ need in order to be successful in transitioning back into society.


Abman Glaster

Sapphire: With all the things that you do, it’s hard to imagine that you dropped out of school in the 7th grade. You went back and gained your GED later, and attended college courses, would you advise a child to drop out and follow your path or stay in school and follow a traditional path? Why?

Abman: I was always a kid that excelled in school, but it was just that I hardly went. There’s a certainty that comes with dropping out of school, and that is the probability of traveling down a vicious path of imprisonment. A cycle that destroys our neighborhoods, corrupts our children, and lays waste to entire communities. So, young boys and girls, please stay in school. In more than 90% of cases, the outcome of your life directly depends on your education.

Sapphire: What advice would you give to aspiring authors who feel like the process of becoming an author is too hard?

Abman: It’s always easier said than done. LOL. But I’d say just hang in there. Try to build schedules for writing time. The only way to get over writer’s block is to write, and don’t force it. Let the creativity lead you.

Sapphire: If not this, then what? If you weren’t in the field of media, what could you see yourself doing for a living? Any hidden talents?

Abman: At one point I was really interested in computers, so something in that field.

Sapphire:  Where can people keep up with Urban Legend Media?


Check us out at:






Byspotlightontalent Posted Mar 23, 2017

Sapphire’s Spotlight on Talent Will be at the DMV Media Alliance Seminar.

I’m coming  out  the house this weekend and I  can’t wait to hit this event.  It’s like a coming out  event  for Me, so many people  know of Me  but have never  Me. I’ve been out the  house recently more in Baltimore. This  past weekend  I had My second radio interview in two weeks to promote this site as well as My other  business ventures. I’ve been asked to come back and co-host on  March 31st.

At The Artist Exchange Radio Show

At The Artist Exchange Radio Show


At The Artist Exchange Radio Show

At The Artist Exchange Radio Show

This Sunday I’m all geared up for the DMA

DMV Media Alliance

DMV Media Alliance


I’ll be in the building with  business cards, fliers and promo issues of Experience Reality Magazine. I hope to meet some new fans, and contacts. I love My job, in fact, I interviewed one of the  panel members, Brave Williams, for a magazine cover last year.

Experience Reality Magazine

Experience Reality Magazine

Byspotlightontalent Posted Mar 22, 2017

Video Blog: Deceptive Marketing Sucks

In a world  of  social media and  digital technology it can be a little  hard to know who’s real and who’s blowing  smoke up your ass. Especially when it comes to  business “opportunities.” I constantly meet  entrepreneurs like Myself and  engage in conversation. One approached Me this morning and   was telling Me about an awareness campaign for women, he was trying to sell Me  pads. Not cool.

There are  people like Me, who refuse to  chase easy money by deceiving people with products I know nothing about. People who offer a quality service at a reasonable  price with no hidden agendas or fees and still deal with nonsense. With Sexy Sapphire what you see is always what you get, direct answers are easily available and most information  you need  will already be made clear on My sites. No need to deceive, or reel you in.

When you know your target market there is less chance of you being  the pushy sales person in  every conversation you have. You’ll be able to  identify and qualify a customer  up front.


Byspotlightontalent Posted Mar 17, 2017

We Have A Radio Interview Tomorrow

Hey guys and dolls,

As  you can see I’ve been pouring My heart into making this site a place devoted to real talent, diversity and supporting the independent artist/entertainer.

get featured

I love what I do and I love helping other showcase their talents. Tomorrow afternoon I have a radio interview to talk about the things I do through this site, My new book and more.

I hope you tune in and show support.

radio interview

I’ll be on  The Artist Exchange Radio Show

12pm-2pm EST
The Artist Exchange Radio Show
Topic: – Let’s Talk Business PT.2
Nate Couser (Host)
Guests: Teara Booker & Melony “Sapphire” Hill
Real ArtistsReal TalkReal Live

My segment should be around 1 p.m.

Call in at (410) 702-5657

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